As the release of Istanbul approaches, I want to introduce a new feature the ITSM team has been working on to enhance your Change Advisory Board process. The feature is called CAB Workbench and will be available to any customer with rights to the Change Management application.




What is it?

The CAB Workbench is a new feature in the Change Management application that enables CAB Managers to schedule, plan and manage CAB meetings, all within the ServiceNow platform. It allows CAB managers to easily create one time or recurring CAB meetings, automatically associate change requests and related attendees to those meetings and it’s all made possible by the power of the ServiceNow platform and our Service Portal technology.


Why did we build it?

As we researched how customers were conducting CAB meetings, we found they were primarily using one of two native platform tools to plan and manage their CAB meetings; a filtered list or report of type list. Scheduling was generally done outside of the platform. While most who have used the platform for a period of time understand the power of a ServiceNow list, we were motivated to deliver a user experience that made it easy to schedule, groom CAB meeting agendas and deliver an engaging experience for the execution and management of the meeting itself. We have also included some new tools to aid meeting efficiency and change risk analysis. The good news about that filter criteria you use in your lists today? You'll be able to easily replicate it within CAB Workbench.


Who can use it?

Whether you use the legacy state model, the newer state model that was released in Geneva or a custom state model, it’s there for the taking. It introduces a handful of new table structures, but the key data those tables reference come from the change_request table.


When I get Istanbul, how can I enable it?


To enable the CAB Workbench, activate the plugin named “Change Management – CAB Workbench”. Your Change application will have a new separator added to it called Change Advisory Board which contains a handful of new modules. CAB Workbench is a calendar of scheduled CAB meetings. The two CAB Definition and CAB Meeting modules are filtered lists.




What roles are required to use it?


To facilitate the CAB Meeting process, we introduced a new role called sn_change_cab.cab_manager. While that’s kind of a mouthful, CAB Workbench is a scoped application and the naming convention used is a standard naming convention for scoped applications.


Surely, you’ve heard enough for now (Don’t call me Shirley!). In the next post, we’ll dig into some of the new table structures that make CAB Workbench happen.