As someone who works in IT, I’m sure you can relate to the fact that you must always be available to address any issues that come up as they relate to your job.  In the same way, enterprises must always remain “on” and prevent service interruptions which can ultimately impact revenue, company reputation and customer satisfaction, while also providing their employees with the tools needed to do their jobs.


The ServiceNow ServiceWatch Suite provides enterprises with the ability to prevent service outages and manage cloud sprawl. We start by discovering business services and mapping to their associated infrastructure dependencies. This helps companies answer the tough questions, such as what services are affected if a certain server goes down? Or, how will our scheduled database maintenance affect the services provided to end-users? Additionally, ServiceWatch Suite solutions such as Event Management help reduce the noise from thousands of events from across all things IT, into a few actionable incidents giving teams the ability to prioritize and speed time to resolution. To keep their end users productive and embrace the agility of the cloud, ServiceWatch Cloud Management solution helps enterprises provide an easy self-service way for their developers to access cloud resources, without having to compromise on security or compliance, which ultimately helps manage cloud sprawl with the elimination of shadow IT, and out of control budgets.


What’s New in Istanbul

In the Istanbul release, we have continued to innovate and focus on helping enterprises become service-aware by making it simple for them to perform key tasks. Here are some of the new additions to the ServiceWatch suite in this release:


CMDB Query Builder: In Istanbul we have added the ability to query your CMDB for reports without having to write any code, giving enterprises an accurate, “at-your-fingertips” view of the IT environment.

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CMDB Query Builder.png



Pattern Based Discovery: We added pattern-based Discovery so you can identify IT infrastructure with out-of-the-box discovery coverage and codeless custom discovery.  Codeless pattern-based discovery makes customized discovery easy, unifies patterns for both horizontal (infrastructure) and top-down (service map) discovery, and dramatically extends discovery coverage by introducing Service Mapping patterns. Discovery provides broad coverage out-of-the-box, including new technologies previously only discovered with Service Mapping, and an easy way to extend coverage further without coding. 

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Service Map Planner: Helps guide you through the process of building service maps with easy step by step instructions. Service Map Planner structures, streamlines, and centralizes service map deployment work, so your IT team can gain service visibility faster.

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Cloud Management Dashboard Unification: One place for you to view performance indicators of cloud resources across multiple providers which eliminates the need to go to multiple places for a clear picture of how much you’re spending, who’s spending it and helps avoid underutilization of cloud resources.

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CMP Dashboards.png


With Istanbul now available, there are many places you can go to learn more:

  • Read our blogs on the ServiceNow Community or visit our Website which provides in depth information on ServiceWatch Suite capabilities and how we can help your business
  • Attend a ServiceNow User Group in your area to connect with your peers and hear about how other enterprises have used ServiceWatch Suite
  • Knowledge 17 is only weeks away - Register Here.