Behind the scenes here at ServiceNow, the Knowledge Management and Multimedia teams work closely with subject matter experts to disseminate critical information to our customers. We’ve found that certain topics come up frequently, in the form of best practices that can help you keep your ServiceNow instances running smoothly. This series targets those topics so that you and your organization can benefit from our collective expertise. If you have a best practices topic you’d like us to cover in this series, please let us know in the comments below.


ATF (Automated Test Framework)

Best practices for using ATF - 9/26/17

How to avoid ATF testing failures - 5/30/17



Dictionary overrides—what they are and how to use them - 7/24/17

When running business rules, timing is everything - 7/11/17

Six ways to Improve the Performance of Client Scripts - 6/21/17

Properly deploy changes using Team Development - 5/23/17

How to keep variables from stepping on each other - 3/17/17

User account or service account? What to use for web service tasks - 3/10/17

Outsmart fickle networks, firewall changes, and down servers in your web services integration - 2/24/17

Why you should never use external iFrames - and the one exception to this rule - 2/15/17

How to clone to a target instance that has in-development applications - 2/14/17

Why you shouldn't develop on your production instance - 1/17/17

Annotate scripts and customizations with comments - 12/20/16



Requesting assistance with quarterly patching or version upgrade changes - 5/17/17

The high importance of managing your company contacts on HI - 5/1/17

Adding new users in HI—the how and the why - 4/24/17


Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM)

Best practices for setting up Discovery schedules - 12/14/17

Best practices for MID Server setup and tuning - 11/9/17


Information Technology Services Management (ITSM)

Best practices for a successful ITSM implementation - 1/18/18

Best practices for implementing the Problem Management application - 1/11/18

Best practice: Make the most of standard changes - 12/18/17

Best practices for implementing the Incident Management application - 10/26/17

Best practices for implementing the Change Management application - 10/11/17



Why you should give each of your sub-production instances its own unique look - 4/12/17

Set up currency properties correctly - 4/6/17

How do you plug in a plugin? The ins and outs of plugin activation - 3/3/17

Limit the Number of Users with the Admin Role - 1/5/17



Best practices for creating and editing forms - 8/24/17

Choosing the correct field type when building a form - 6/9/17



Best practices for configuring lists - 9/11/17

Where to avoid linking to a reference field when configuring a list - 1/12/17



Avoid issues when modifying shared fields in extended tables - 3/29/17

When to Create a New Table vs. When to Extend - 1/28/17



Reporting and Performance Analytics

Best practices for creating responsive dashboards 12/8/17

Best practices for creating and sharing reports - 8/11/17