NowForum 2017 in Sydney is nearly here - and we’re poised to deliver a packed program that will enable your business to provide effortless, connected and proactive customer service.

Over my career in customer service management, I’ve seen how traditional contact centre and customer relationship management systems only partially meet the customer service needs of businesses.

At NowForum 2017 on 25 October, we’ll explain how ServiceNow acts as a ‘system of action’, and not just a ‘system of engagement’, and how that helps you provide better customer service in a more efficient manner, reducing your cost-to-serve. More and more research is backing up the link between customer experience and customer loyalty, and ultimately this translates into improved business benefit, such as revenue, margin, renewal, and more.

NowForum 2017 will also feature, Telstra, explaining the customer service issues they faced and why ServiceNow was the answer. You’ll hear how ServiceNow helped the business overcome these challenges and turn customer service into a way of generating value.

NowForum 2017 in Sydney on 25 October is the premier event for innovative leaders who are ready to provide smarter, faster business services. This complimentary one-day event is a unique opportunity to obtain practical advice and insight from experts who are driving the future of digital transformation. You’ll hear inspiring keynotes and customer case studies, network with your peers, and discover innovative new ways to work at light speed.

You can register here. I look forward to seeing you there!