If you read darrinladd's blog about how we are transforming the ServiceNow information experience, you will know that we have many improvements and innovations planned. I’m writing today to let you know of one of those improvements that is ready to help you be successful right now.


We have heard from many of you the value of being able to search for different types of information about ServiceNow products from one search. Jumping from one source to another to find answers is time consuming and cumbersome. With you in mind, we are happy to deliver an enhanced search experience that lets you filter and sort through many types of information (even YouTube videos) in one place so you can find information faster and easier!


Standard unified search in HI

Is the information you need in the Known Errors area? Is it about a new product feature? Might a video demo be helpful? Are you not even sure exactly where or what it is you are looking for? Don’t worry. In HI, you can search across all of our official ServiceNow resources for solutions, workarounds, implementation information, and basic setup details.

CF HI search.gif


And, even better, you don’t have to be logged on to HI to access this new search; you can simply navigate to hi.service-now.com and search all of our public information.


You can quickly search through ServiceNow’s best content to better implement and leverage the product - all from one place! Use the filters to refine your search for content such as:



With more helpful information at your fingertips, you can make smarter decisions faster and go further in leveraging the full potential of your products.  Now that's working at lightspeed.


Check out the unified search on HI and tell us what you think!