We updated the product documentation site (https://docs.servicenow.com) in response to user feedback.  We aim to update site functionality every quarter.  Content is updated monthly.


Product Doc Highlights

  1. New design and less scrolling on top-level pages
  2. Access to archived documentation
  3. Site performance improvements
  4. "Send Feedback" working again


New look and less scrolling on top-level pages

We’ve made more content visible on the home page and the version pages.  The home page redesign makes it easier to see all the version tiles and the content links.



The version page redesign makes it easier to see all the tiles at a glance and provides links to top new features.



Archived content from the Wiki now available

The ServiceNow Wiki is retiring on December 10.  We are archiving the Wiki content as PDFs.


To download your Wiki PDF:

  1. Navigate to the homepage
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage
  3. Click the link to Archived Versions.



On the archive page for Fuji and earlier releases, you’ll find PDFs for each major section of the Wiki site.  Download one or download them all.  (For information on the Wiki retirement, see KB0639424.)



Performance Improvements

To reduce the friction of having to wait for pages to load and the navigation tree to sync, we've improved the doc site performance.  As you navigate from page to page or expand the topic page Contents tree, we hope you see the improvements.  The site should be "zippier" now.


Send Feedback issues fixed!

We love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us improve the doc site.  How frustrating that our previous refresh introduced bugs in our feedback form. Happily, the issues are resolved and sending feedback should be easy and smooth.  If you have feedback, click the Send Feedback link that appears at the bottom of every topic page.



If you’d like us to respond, please log in so your email address automatically appears on the form OR provide your email address in your feedback.  All feedback automatically creates a  record that gets routed to the appropriate teams.  We will respond!



Minimize the feedback window

Do you need to cut and paste text into the Feedback form or does the Feedback form cover the text you need to refer to?  You can minimize the Feedback form, get the information you need and then expand the form again to finish submitting your feedback.

December refresh Send Feedback minimizer2.jpg


Content fragmentation fixes coming soon!

If you read darrinladd's blog about how we are transforming the ServiceNow information experience, you know that we have many improvements and innovations planned.  One of the areas we're focusing on is the content.  We've heard that the topics are too small and don't tell you the whole story.  You have to click too many times to find the information you need.  The Product Documentation team is working hard to “defragment” the content.  A new blog post with more information is coming soon.