I am going to show you how to send a message from servicenow chat to slack channel.




1. Create a servicenow user which will act as the connect chat user who will receive messages from slack.

2. Create a slack channel and configure inbound webhook.

     go to Incoming Webhooks | Slack and click on incoming webhook integration

     Select the slack channel to which the messages should be sent.


and click on Add incoming WebHooks Integration.


Make note of the webhook URL.

3. Create a flow to send chat message to slack channel.

We need following information to setup the flow

     webhook url : webhook url captured in above step

     channel : #channelname

     icon : ":ghost:"  or any other emoji of your choice.

Some background based on which the functionality is developed.

When ever a chat conversation happens, servicenow creates a record in live_message table with details like the chat message, chat participants. We are going to make use of that information to apply in the flow trigger condition.

Watch the video to see how to create flow designer and how the functionality looks like.


SlackConnector - YouTube