Seamless access to application and project portfolios adds new level of visibility and control for the business management of IT


Project and Portfolio Management (PPM, also known as the Project Portfolio Suite - PPS) has been available from ServiceNow for some time. A few releases ago we also added Financial Management (ITFM) and have been working since then on bringing both products closer together. With the Istanbul release we have added Application Portfolio Management (APM). The goal is to give IT leaders visibility and control of their portfolios on a single, cloud-based platform. Together these products form the ServiceNow IT Business Management Suite (ITBM). This new suite better aligns IT outcomes to business goals, putting IT in the driver’s seat to manage change and speed innovation.


This ServiceNow Business Management community is changing to match these capabilities. Categories for PPM, ITFM and APM will make it easier to participate in discussions and share best practices.


ServiceNow ITBM uniquely combines application rationalization capabilities with IT Financial Management and Project and Portfolio Management. With indicators and metrics for the true cost, quality, risk and performance of business applications and services, IT leaders can rationalize their investments and focus on the innovations that drive business outcomes.


The benefits of ServiceNow ITBM include:

  • Complete Financial and Portfolio Visibility. ITBM links real costs from the general ledger to a full inventory of IT’s infrastructure, applications, and business services with no point product integrations. A 360-degree view of the entire IT portfolio of services and business applications makes it easy for IT leaders to identify waste, evaluate projects and applications on key management criteria, and allocate budget more efficiently.

  • Better Strategic Alignment of IT Services and Investments with Application Rationalization. IT leaders can use a dynamic scoring engine to set priorities based on business strategy, prioritize all demand in one system with Demand Management, and create a collaborative governance and funding model based on Program and Portfolio Workbenches and build a detailed repository of business applications to drive the application roadmap.

  • More Agile IT and Accelerated Delivery of Services.  ITBM from ServiceNow goes beyond traditional Technology Business Management (TBM) and breaks down the silos of ‘run the business’ and ‘change the business’ work. IT leaders have one place to get cost, resource, and project status data, regardless of the development method (e.g., agile, waterfall, hybrid) using collaborative work management features like ServiceNow Connect and Visual Task Boards. Teams work faster and smarter.


Application Rationalization, Financial Management and Project/Portfolio Management all together on the ServiceNow Platform!


For more information on the IT Business Management Suite, please go to:


Please comment and let us know your thoughts. Do you agree with the above perspectives on the challenges surrounding the business management of IT? Are you seeing these disciplines coming together in your company? Do you have roles that span finance, application portfolios and project portfolios?

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First Things First – Critical Enablers for Strategic IT Alignment

Thursday, November 17
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A solid IT service delivery foundation will tightly integrate multiple core processes. The next step is to focus on proactive management of your entire IT service portfolio so it can be aligned to your strategic goals.

In this webinar, Troy DuMoulin, VP of Research & Development at Pink Elephant, will present:

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