Recently I was surprised and saddened to see a thread asking how to validate someone's certification.  Its sad because the cert is such a poor litmus test of capability.  Here I present  questions to probe the credibility of resources, whether or not they advertise a certification.  I've made some questions ideological so you can help determine if the resource is a legitimate platform thinker vs a platform instruction taker.


(Hi there - are you new to working on ServiceNow and looking to get ahead?  You too can use these questions to your advantage.  Seek the answers diligently as you prepare for your certifications)


Vetting the Certified ServiceNow Developer

I feel the CAD certification does a much better job at validating actual skill, but even so...


- How do you decide if a consumed service should be implemented via Service Catalog or via a custom application?

- What is the advantage to using Application Scopes if I'm not going to be deploying apps to the store?

- How do you work around the loss of various API's when working inside of a scoped app?

- What's the difference between client and server side scripting?  Give an example of objects used in each.

- What area of the tool do you feel needs the most attention from ServiceNow product management?

- What's the alternative to gs.log from a scoped app?


Vetting Certified ServiceNow Administrator

With the preponderance of exam dump sites and "study guides", the CSA cert is a poor guarantee of competency.  Don't look without having at least a few of these questions handy.


- Name me a couple kinds of items that can be found in a catalog

- In what situations is a Record Producer more advantageous than a Catalog Item?  (swap the two if you wish to probe further)

- What three things need to be true on an ACL?

- How are custom apps licensed and why should I carefully consider before developing?

- In what situations are UI Policies more advantageous than a Client Script?

- What differentiates a Data Policy from a UI Policy?

- What's advantageous about defining an event driven notification, vs a notification coded directly into a workflow?

- What's the difference between State and Stage?

- How are choice fields different from tables, and why would I pick one over the other?

- Why would I use events to fire notifications, rather than just the condition builder?


Suitable for Both

- How do you move code from dev to test to prod?

- What should I be aware of before I turn on Discovery?

- What is a MIDServer?

- Tell me about GlideRecord

- Why should I buy Orchestration?

- Describe what Task is.


Ultra Pro Tip

- How are custom apps licensed and why should I carefully consider before developing? 
(this one separates the adequate from the excellent.  Can't tell you how many times I've seen adequate resources deploy functionality because it was requested... not realizing they had significantly increased the company's license footprint)


There's really no magic here.  Its possible you could observe the confidence, fluidity, and detail in which a person answers the question, without even knowing the answers yourself.

Getting top end ServiceNow talent remains a challenge.  If you need vetted resources, and don't feel adequately equipped to gauge them after this blog post, then Whitespace Studios is happy to assist as part of its Architecture Advisement service.



I remain yours truly,


Robert Fedoruk

Whitespace Studios