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That's what our recent webinar with over 500 attendees proclaimed. And based on the feedback we received during the event, there is strong agreement! Unfortunately, we couldn't get to all of the questions submitted so we plan to re-post them here, to the Creator Community. If you have additional questions on the topics covered (or any question we missed), please post and we'll do our best to ensure a response. Thanks!

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May 2014 ACI.jpgAs a kid, my dad lost me at the San Diego Sockers indoor soccer game. He panicked and assumed the worst. I emerged before kickoff with a ball autographed by the whole team. I had slipped past security and disappeared into the team locker room in search of autographs. So at Knowledge14 last month I had no reservations stopping most attendees at some point during the event to ask them about their custom app exploits.


I met Chuck from Wichita on the escalator. He insisted on showing me his app that tracks which time zone each of his team members is in for every standing meeting. Lois from Belgium was wonderful. I interrupted her cocktail on the expo floor. Turns out Lois developed an app that resolves one of life's great conundrums: is there fresh coffee in the break room? She created Foursquare for java (the aromatic kind). Brilliant!


Every conversation, every interaction, and every app inspired me and helped me understand how enhancements to our platform are making lives better. Seeing the expression on Chuck's face when I showed him the new Share portal was priceless. He lit up like a Christmas tree and gave me a bone-crushing two-hand shake (I'm told that's midwest for "hug"). Lois got all googly-eyed when I showed her the Service Creator. She said it's exactly what marketing asked for last week.


Four amazing, unbelievable, exhausting days reconfirmed my faith in the power of app creation. All of which helped me reconcile the fact that the Application Creation Index (ACI) continued its 2014 decline this month. It's an index that measures the rate of app creation across the industry using a broad set of indicators ranging from Tweets to stock prices to job postings to GitHub projects and Stack Overflow comments contributed by creators. Over time, it should demonstrate the growth of the creator community. Over the past few months falling stock prices for SaaS companies and a lack of major announcements - M&A activity, new product introductions, and high-profile partnerships - have led to month over month declines.


The market's fickle. The enthusiasm of creators isn't. I'm confident the ACI will rebound by end of year. For now, the only metric that matters to me is the CLQLI - the Chuck and Lois Quality of Life Index. Based on what I saw and heard at Knowledge14, it's at an all-time high and reaching new peaks every day.

There is an "I" in "TEAM"

Posted by james.owen Employee May 22, 2014

George Takei posted this fan's drawing a while back, pointing out the hidden “i” in “TEAM”. And if you take a closer look at Team Development, you’ll find another hidden I. (Not all features require a team!)


The ability to compare instances is one such example. Let’s say you follow the standard process for retrieving update sets through to production, usually. You know that making changes directly in production is frowned upon, but you’ve had high priority, low risk fixes where you’ve bent the rules. Could your production instance have updates that aren’t on your development instance?


Now there’s a simple way to find out! From development, add a remote instance to production. From the Team Dashboard, choose “Compare to…” and select your production instance.


You’ll then get a list of changes on production that aren’t on development, and the changes on development that aren’t on production as well.


Voila, no team required!


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.06.44 PM.png

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