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HI has a new look! You will notice several notable changes to the user interface.  Explore the new interface and let us know what you think!


Look for:

  • a streamlined appearance,
  • new icons and features,
  • new system settings,
  • and more!

Self_Service_w_Highlights copy2.png

Streamlined Appearance

New icons and stylistic changes appear throughout the user interface.


For example, the View form icon in lists has a new look and feel, as do some of the icons on the Edge.  Also in the list view, there are new icons for functions such as Show / hide filter and Show activity stream in a flyout window.


There are also new icons for form functions such as:

  • Edit tags
  • Manage Attachments
  • Toggle annotations
  • Email
  • Show related incidents
  • Edit Affected Instances
  • Suggestion
  • Search Knowledge


Additional System Settings

We have added new options to the HI system menu so you can further personalize your experience.

  • Wrap Longer Text in List Columns
  • Compact View
  • Date/Time
  • Compact list date/time
  • Related List Loading



Additional Features and Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a great way to quickly navigate HI, so we added new shortcuts and features to facilitate interaction:


  • Open a new form pane tab: Press Command (Mac) or Alt (PC) and click a record name to open the record in a new form pane tab.
  • Edit a record from the list view: Press Shift and click a record name or point to the reference icon to open the record in a pop-up window.

  • When a list is sorted, the sorting column is highlighted in blue.
  • Column context menus and the application navigator context menu have a new downward arrow icon.



For more information, see KB0546123 or visit What's new in HI.


This tool exports attachments from your instance through a MID server to the local file system on that MID Server.

ServiceNow homepages/dashboards are a great feature leveraged by all users of the platform.  A common request is for team managers wanting to view various types of metrics for individual team members.  Unfortunately there is not out of the box mechanism to make interactive homepages where you can choose a value and the homepage dynamically updates the reports based on the value chosen.  That is until today.


We have a new option on Share that makes the process of creating interactive homepages much easier than wring Jelly Script, JavaScript, and many manual steps. Interactive Homepages provides a simple way to setup what data you want in your homepage control gauge and then automates the creation of the necessary components so you can quickly build an interactive homepage.

Interactive Homepages on Share


Also included in this update set is an example My Team Dashboard that dynamically presents a list of team members for all of the current logged in user's groups and subgroups along with 3 gauges that dynamically update when the team member selection changes.

Team Homepage.png

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This is the first in a series of posts on the basics of AngularJS as it pertains to the ServiceNow platform.  I hope this handful of tutorials or similar blog posts will show the building blocks of leveraging AngularJS in ServiceNow as well as identify any gotchas or workarounds that you may need to do to fit into the ServiceNow paradigm.

This first tutorial covers just a basic Model element on a form. 


The Use Case

The goal is to take the following Basic HTML form and leverage Angular to create a dynamic experience.  Essentially our form will have a simple edit box.  When you type something in the edit box, we want it to show up in the text below it.


To get step by step instructions on building out this use case in ServiceNow with AngularJS, please see my full blog entry:  Angular in ServiceNow: Tutorial #1 - Model Basics

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