The coding is done, the red bull supply has run out and now it is time for judges to pick the winning entry.  As @Martin reported in his blog yesterday one of our large customers held a hackathon on ServiceNow platform - their second year holding such an event.  Today each team was given 15 minutes to do a demo of their app to a panel of judges. The team names Mighty Legends, Blue Monsters, Flying Robots etc. were in tune with the superhero theme of the event and added to the fun.  It was truly amazing to see what the teams had built in about a day - a mobile app with speech recognition, dev op tools, integrating change management with Lync and many more.  Each of these apps either solved an existing issue in their current environment or showed how a simple app can help save money or help them work more efficiently.  As an example, one of the teams figured out that better collaboration would help them meet or exceed their SLA commitments.  Another team built an app to help quickly size a project effort and an estimated cost savings of $500K.  Not bad for about a day's work!






The grand prize was awarded to a team that built an elegant solution to enable code reuse and sharing - they built a component repository that enables anyone in the organization to easily share code with each other.


This is similar to ServiceNow share in intent but is designed to handle code sharing in any language and is meant for internal use.  Developers can contribute to the repository by filling out a simple form and others can search, download and use it.  The front end was built using AngularJS to give it a slick, modern interface.  Reuse is a hallmark of good software engineering and thanks to the ingenuity of this team and the power of ServiceNow platform developers can build apps faster than before. Our hearty congrats to the winners and all the teams!             


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