Here is "Switch to List View".  It's a "Form context menu" UI Action that simply switches to the list view for the table, and filters the list to only display the current record:




It's useful, for instance, when you need to see or modify a field that is not, for whatever reason, displayed on the form view.  You can personalize your list view, add the appropriate fields and update the record if you need to.


UI Action details:

Name: Switch to List View

Table: Global [global]

Order: 200,000

Active: checked

Show insert: checked

Show update: checked

Client: checked

Form context menu: checked

Hint: Switches to the List View for the table, returning this one record

Onclick: u_switchToListView()

Condition: gs.hasRole("admin")


function u_switchToListView(){
        window.location = "/" + g_form.getTableName() + "" + g_form.getUniqueValue();
    } catch(err){}



I've attached the XML export of my UI Action record if you want to just import that.  Try it out in a personal dev instance first.


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