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It's on again. Yes, that's right - the CreatorCon Challenge is back for your app creation and entrepreneurial pleasure.


No amount of shouting about how great it all was and how "overwhelming" the response was last year is going to make any difference - the proof that last year's inaugural edition was well received by the ServiceNow developer and partner community, as well as the judges, the attendees at the finale at Knowledge17,  and most importantly the customers that have already purchased the winning apps, is that ServiceNow decided to fund it and invest in it again for the 2nd year in a row.  Proof's in the pudding as they say. Well, the pudding is here, and it's mighty tasty.



This year, we're delighted to up our challenge game in four ways (not necessarily a complete list):


1) ServiceNow founder Fred Luddy is a judge. Who better to pitch your company and app to on the big stage at Knowledge18 than Fred Luddy? Answer: nobody.


2) Your personal VC mentor - BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital , a leader in the non-dilutive VC space, is back (he was a judge last year), this time as a personal mentor to the three finalists. That is some pretty serious value for startups to get access to someone of BJ's expertise to coach and mentor you as you fine-tune your investor pitches and then to be on-stage with you at Knowledge18. Sort of like your own Angelo Dundee.


3) $1M in total prizes - $500K in cash investments from ServiceNow Ventures plus $500K worth of sales and marketing prizes. See the FAQ for a detailed breakdown of how the $500K in sales and marketing is calculated, if you have any doubts about what it's really worth. And that doesn't even include what it would cost you for access to a mentor such as BJ Lackland (because BJ agreed to be a mentor after the FAQ was published, natch).


4) Expanded distribution channels - reach new customers in new markets all by yourself with the OEM Program. The perfect complement to the ServiceNow Store. Winners can (and are required to, actually) distribute and monetize apps on the Store, OEM Program, or both!


We are once again psyched to see what our developer and partner community will create on the Now Platform with all of the new platform services  in Jakarta (such as MetricBase) and what's coming soon in Kingston.


Good luck -  create something amazing and pitch it to Fred. We look forward to reviewing your entry.