Other Useful Background Scripts:

Useful Background Script - Find records created/updated within a time window


Here's a script that I use from time to time.  It allows me to search for a record using its sys_id.  Sometimes you'll get a message on-screen or in the logs that only mentions the sys_id of a record and you've got not idea what it is.  This script will loop though and look for the sys_id in all the base tables in the system, except for views and some indexing/text search tables.


There's an option (addLink = true) to output message with a link to the record so you can just click on the link and jump to the record.  You will have to copy/paste the link if running as a background script or just click on the link if you are using the Xplore: Developer Toolkit:

When "addLink = false", you'll just get the record details:

The class display label, table name and the record's display value are shown.



// Searches for a record using a sys_id
// Replace the "enterYourSys_IdHere" string with the sys_id you are looking for
// Optionally add a hyperlink to the record that was found.
// Useful when running the script in the 'Xplore: Developer Toolkit' -  https://share.servicenow.com/app.do#/detailV2/9a1be70e13800b000de935528144b04c/overview
// To add a link, set the "addLink" variable to "true"

  try {
    var searchId = "enterYourSys_IdHere";  //the sys_id of the record you are looking for
    //searchId = "4715ab62a9fe1981018c3efb96143495";  //example - an OOB demo Incident
    //searchId = "08fcd0830a0a0b2600079f56b1adb9ae";  //example - an OOB Schedule, '8-5 weekdays'
    //searchId = "62a7bfaf0a0a0a6500c49682bd82376a";  //example - an OOB Business Rule, 'user query'
    var addLink = true; //set to "true" to add a link to the record in the output (Xplore)

    var tableName = "";
    var tableLabel = "";
    var tableWeWantToSearch = true;
    var foundRecord = false;
    var message = "";

    //loop through all the valid base-class tables (no need to look at any sub-classes)
    var table = new GlideRecord("sys_db_object");
    while (table.next()){
      //get the table name and label
      tableName = (table.getValue("name") + "").toLowerCase();
      tableLabel = (table.getValue("label") + "").toLowerCase();
      tableWeWantToSearch = true;  //assume it is a table we want to search in

      //skip views and some other tables that return a lot of probably irrelevant records
      //just comment out the line if you want to include the table in the search
      if (tableName.indexOf("v_") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;                    //views
      else if (tableName == "ts_c_attachment") tableWeWantToSearch = false;             //text search indices
      else if (tableName == "ts_chain") tableWeWantToSearch = false;                    //..
      else if (tableName == "ts_document") tableWeWantToSearch = false;                 //..
      else if (tableName == "ts_phrase") tableWeWantToSearch = false;                   //..
      else if (tableName == "ts_word") tableWeWantToSearch = false;                     //..
      else if (tableName == "ts_word_roots") tableWeWantToSearch = false;               //..
      else if (tableLabel.indexOf("text index ") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;     //..
      else if (tableLabel.indexOf("ts index stats") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;  //..
      else if (tableLabel.indexOf("recorded incremental change") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;
      else if (tableName.indexOf("sh$") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;
      else if (tableLabel.indexOf("rollback sequence") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;
      else if (tableLabel.indexOf("score level") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;
      else if (tableLabel.indexOf("pa favorites") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;
      else if (tableName.indexOf("syslog") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;    
      else if (tableName.indexOf("sys_cache_flush") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;
      else if (tableName.indexOf("sys_db_cache") == 0) tableWeWantToSearch = false;

      if (tableWeWantToSearch){
        var searchTable = new GlideRecord(table.getValue("name"));
        //make sure it is a valid table first
        if (searchTable.isValid()){
          searchTable.addQuery("sys_id", searchId);
            foundRecord = true;
        } else {
          message = "***** Trying to search an invalid table name called '" + table.getValue("name") + "' - the sys_id of that sys_db_object record is '" + table.getValue("sys_id") + "'";

    if (foundRecord == false){
      gs.addInfoMessage("The record was not found");
  } catch(err) {
    gs.log("ERROR: " + err);

  function _showFoundRecord(){
    var details = searchTable.getDisplayValue();
    if (addLink == true) {
      details = "<a href='" + gs.getProperty('glide.servlet.uri') + "nav_to.do?uri=" + searchTable.getLink() +"' target='_blank'>" + searchTable.getDisplayValue() + "</a>";
    message = "Found a record of type '" + searchTable.getClassDisplayValue() + "' (" + searchTable.getRecordClassName() + ") called '" + details + "'";



I had seen this post a while back by restevao and wanted to post my script but just never got around to it until now.


Note: Remember, running scripts as a background script or the Xplore tool can modify data so be aware what you are running.  Always a good idea to test it out on your personal development instance first.