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Sometimes you might end up with a tab/window that only contains the main window, either with a form, list or some UI Page, without the banner and Navigator surrounding the frame.  You probably cmd+clicked a link to open a form or list in the new tab/window.


Sometimes we want to get back into the full frame UI, including the banner and Navigator.  It's easy to do, just have to add "" between "" and the rest of the URL.  But that can be a pain, so I created a bookmarklet to help.


All you have to do is create a new bookmark in your favourite browser, name it "nav_to" or whatever you want and paste the following code into the URL or Location field:


javascript:(function(){var url = window.location.toString();if (url.indexOf("") > -1 && url.indexOf("") == -1){url = url.replace("", "");window.location = url;}})();


You will end up with a bookmark you can click to quickly switch you into the full UI:


It first checks to see if the URL contains "" and then if it does NOT contain "".  If it doesn't, it will replace "" with "" and then updates the URL.


Simple and effective.

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We recently collaborated with Fairfax Media on their multi-department service portal. Fairfax Media is one of the largest media companies in Australia and New Zealand, with investments in newspaper, magazines, radio and digital properties. Fairfax had previously deployed six independent department portals with little continuity among them. NewRocket proposed developing one single portal experience to facilitate seamless navigation among the portals while still preserving individual department identities. The new portal unifies the company and allows portal users to accomplish their tasks quickly across multiple departments.

"NewRocket’s skill and depth of knowledge in UI and UX design and their understanding of  ServiceNow helped to make our Intranet and Service Portal design project very successful.  The final product is exactly what we wanted, easy to learn, easy to use, simple to maintain and a joy to develop."
– Scott Paterson, Fairfax Technology Service Manager

Check out this video created by the Fairfax team:

Portal Features

The portal features a user centric design model that allows for quick access to ticket and request statuses as well as the ability to personalize content throughout the portal. The use of simple icons and department based filtering creates an easy to use system for ordering and reading articles. The portal has been well received by both the employees and administrators.

  • Multiple departments (IT, Finance, HR, Legal, Health & Safety, Business Intelligence)
  • Unique department landing pages
  • Smart search widget with grouped search sources
  • Facebook integration for news feed
  • Searchable staff directory
  • Custom department specific icons
  • 6 knowledge bases combined into a single knowledge portal
  • Fully responsive for mobile and tablet users

Take a look at the portal and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Responsive design

Department based filtering

Smart search widget with grouped search sources

Color coded department pages

Custom location directory


The full write-up is available here:

Nathan Firth
Principal ServiceNow Architect

Like always, when a ServiceNow releases a new release there is ton of stuff that is improved. Today I sat down and look at the Service Catalog and how the looks and feels was when I clicked around in the Service Portal.


Now there is a bunch of new widgets, "upgrade" of order guide and much more. I even take a look at the properties that so nicely has been categorized within the Service Catalog. It would be nice thou if on the documentation site was information about if the property effects both the Service Portal UI and the "native UI" (feedback has been sent). But we can't have it all can we


So, sit back and relax and enjoy the show.





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