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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and ServiceNow offers a number of ways to visualize your data via reporting, Performance Analytics, Google Maps integrations, BSM Maps, and more.


However, the really imaginative stuff has always taken a lot of work. Getting a unique visualization idea out of your head and into ServiceNow takes time and development chops.


Starting today, we have an option on Share that makes it easier than ever to quickly take the picture in your head from concept to reality. Flexible Mapper provides a simple point-and-click interface for developing maps and interactive images, but also offers the power of scripting for your more complex needs.


Here are a few ideas you can build:

  • Data center floorplan that alerts error conditions and deep links into CIs
  • Office floorplan fed by data from your User and Incident tables
  • Geographical map that displays open tasks at your various locations
  • Promotional infographics fed by your ServiceNow data
  • Interactive event maps to guide conference attendees


If you have an idea for a cool visualization that you'd like to bring to life in ServiceNow, check out the video below to see if Flexible Mapper can help. The Share download is loaded up with all of the examples shown to help you quickly start creating your own content.


Flexible Mapper on Share


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