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List v3 is a very powerful tool that was recently added to ServiceNow’s growing list of plugins. With its redesigned filter interface, it can be used to bring real-time communication and data to you and your users. Most ServiceNow clients currently utilize List v2, and it is applied to all new instances. With List v3, you will need to activate the List v3 and List v3 Components plugins in order apply it to your instance. The differences between List v2 and List v3 are pretty obvious just by look.


From time to time, great plugins like List v3 can truly enhance one aspect of the platform while causing something else to no longer function as it should. In this case, the functionality of List v3 with iFrames in CMS, and as our good friend tltoulson noted regarding List v2 in CMS, iframe issues may never go away.


Your List view after upgrading to List V3

This particular iframe issue is specific to List v3. As you upgrade to List v3 in Helsinki, you may notice that your list view in your CMS sites looks a little different that you’re used to…and a lot smaller.

ist v3 iframe resize.png


Set the iFrame size manually

For example, if you have List v3 enabled and  you navigate to https://[instance_name], you will notice the iframe does not resize. In Istanbul, content pages with list records will be fixed to resize upon opening. As a temporary workaround, you can directly modify the style sheet attached to your site (or page) with following:


iframe {




A common minimum height that I have seen is 50em, which I have used in this example, but this can be adjusted to your liking. Here's and example of what it looks like in the CSS style sheet:

css style sheet css iframe.png


By setting the iframe size to 50em or larger you remedy the tiny iframe that didn't really allow for us to see or do much. When I set the iframe to open at 50em the list of records open to show us this:

50em iframe resize.png


This will allow the users to see the list view at the height that is manually set by you, and based on the size of the list, they may or may not need to scroll down.


Disable List v3

Another workaround is to disable List v3 for specific lists being utilized on your CMS site. List v3 allows you to disable its functionality on independent list instead of shutting it off entirely across all list views. To do this, go to the list you want to disable List v3 on,  click the menu icon, and go to ‘List Control’, as shown below:

disable list control.png


At the bottom of the List Control page under List v3, you will see the ‘Disable list v3’ option. Check it and update.

disable list v3.png


This list will now load under list v2 and will also apply itself to the iFrames in our CMS site.


I personally recommend utilizing the CSS modification so that List v3 can be used across the platform and not just on specific lists. When users are able to utilize the features on one table but not the other, it can become confusing and really affect the user experience.


As mentioned earlier, this will be fixed in Istanbul. For more information on List v3, be sure to check the docs site as well these other great blogs:

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