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We’re excited to announce the unveiling of our ServiceNow Store! ServiceNow Store is an enterprise application marketplace for both paid and free applications and integrations developed and deployed on the ServiceNow platform.  It is dedicated to the commercial monetization and promotion of cloud-native enterprise applications developed by 3rd party ISVs, solution providers, system integrators, and service providers. ServiceNow customers are continually finding new ways to leverage the ServiceNow platform to meet their business needs.  Whether it’s creating their own custom applications, integrating with third party applications, or purchasing third party applications, the extensibility of the ServiceNow platform is wide ranging.

store.pngWe’ve heard from customers that it’s sometimes time consuming and costly to create their own applications and that deployment can be unpredictable. Furthermore, the scope of their application development is limited by the skill set that they have in-house.  Some customers look for outside help by purchasing third party applications, but they need assurance that applications that they purchase will work as expected on their ServiceNow platform.


The ServiceNow Store delivers to customers a vibrant, diverse and innovative enterprise application marketplace.  IT organizations can browse and purchase a wide-choice of cloud-native business applications and technology integrations, all certified by ServiceNow on the customer-proven ServiceNow platform. By providing IT organizations cloud-native business applications, ServiceNow Store helps them increase the productivity and efficiency of their line-of-business and departmental partners, while reducing the costs of application acquisition and delivery.  And by allowing customers to buy versus build using a cloud-based OPEX cost model, ServiceNow Store helps IT organizations be more agile, flexible, and cost-effective.


You can visit the store at:  Happy shopping!





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