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We've spent the past few months asking questions, collecting data, and analyzing your ServiceNow mobile UI needs. This intense month-long project has resulted in the well-stocked Mobile resource page you see below. The ServiceNow resource pages highlight Knowledge Base articles, product documentation, community solutions, and video demos available for said topic. We've done our best to make sure no stone is left unturned with regard to issues you may be having in the mobile interface.

Take a look! See if these resources answer your questions, and share it with your fellow cube-mates! As always, send us your feedback here or directly in the article. Happy reading!

All new: Mobile User Interface Resources page

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What do you think? Did our resource page help you find the latest info on your question or issue? Let us know by giving it 5 stars!

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When we need information on a known problem that is affecting customers or our own instances, we visit our extensive Known Error Knowledge Base, which is updated every day. These articles help identify issues that we are aware of and are either investigating, fixing, or offering a workaround solution. Since our latest upgrades are usually at the forefront of customer's minds, we make sure we have the latest information on them documented. Most of the known errors and issues in this list involve UI challenges in Fuji. If you see something that affects you, don't forget to subscribe to the Known Error and get real time updates as they are resolved.


Here are some of the top Known Error articles on Fuji User Interface issues that ServiceNow employees referenced in August:


Issue: Scheduled job "Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts" triggers cache flush every 11 seconds

Seen in: Fuji Patch 3, Fuji Patch 6, Fuji Patch 7

What happens: After upgrading to Fuji Patch 7, some instances are reporting slowness due to a defect that is repeatedly triggering a cache flush. Although this does not alter any data, the constant flush and rebuild of the cache is causing a significant load on the system.

Workaround: If the instance was upgraded to an affected version, implementing this workaround brings relief until the instance can be upgraded to a patched version. To implement the workaround, set the Ignore Cache flag to truefor the evt_mgmt.last_calculated_alert_job property. This prevents the cache flush on updates to the property by the Event Management - create/resolved incident job...(click to view the rest of the workaround)

Issue: Upgrading to Fuji causes catalog UI pages to lose styling (CSS) and catalog CMS pages to appear cut off at the bottom of the page

Seen in: Fuji Patch 1, Fuji Patch 3, Fuji Patch 7

What Happens: Catalog UI pages lose their style when the instance is upgraded to Fuji. This is due to a change introduced in Fuji where the call to the CSS file is done within each page, rather than globally. If customers modify the UI page before upgrading, they won't get the latest change, so their pages won't render properly.

Workaround: To overcome most of the CSS issues, each one of the customized pages must include lines to call the missing scripting files...(click to see the rest of the workaround)

Issue: Users without the admin role are unable to create knowledge articles

Seen in: Fuji Patch 6, Fuji Patch 7

What happens: When a knowledge admin (or anyone who should be able to create knowledge) attempts to use the Knowledge => Articles => Create new module, they are brought to a blank knowledge form and are unable to fill in any information and thus can't create articles.

Workaround: Remove the condition from sys_security_acl_65bbd9bcd71221004792a1737e610389... (Click to see the rest of the workaround)

Issue: CMS buttons disappear when entering text into multi-line variable

Seen In: Fuji Patch 1, Fuji Patch 3, Fuji Patch 5, Fuji Patch 6

What happens: As you type new lines of text into the multi-line variable, it will push the Cancel and Submit buttons for the record producer within the iFrame.

Workaround:If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed Infield to determine the versions that have a permanent fix to this issue. You can also subscribe to this known error article (click Subscribebutton at the top of the article) to receive notifications when more information is available about this issue.

Issue: Reference fields made read-only via UI Policy or Client Script can still be edited using the lookup icon

Seen In: Fuji Patch 1, Fuji Patch 2, Fuji Patch 3

What happens: Reference fields made read-only through a UI Policy or a Client Script can still be edited using the lookup icon (magnifying glass).

Workaround:Make the affected fields read-only through the ACL or make them read-only in the dictionary.

When we need additional information on a known problem that is affecting customers or our own instances, we make good use of our Internet_Explorer_9_icon.svg.pngextensive Known Error Knowledge Base, which is updated daily. These articles help identify issues that we are aware of and are either investigating, fixing, or offering a workaround solution. Internet Explorer navigation of the product tends to be a hot topic, so we try to address these as quickly as possible. Most of the known errors and issues in this list are around the user interface acting up when using the latest version of IE.



Here are the Top KE articles on Internet Explorer issues that ServiceNow Employees referenced in July:


1) Internet Explorer 11 clears content of second password field on a form

ServiceNow has recently discovered a bug in Internet Explorer 11 that, under very specific circumstances, causes password input fields to be cleared. Using IE 11 to visit any form that has two password input fields will cause the second password input field to be cleared when saving the form, resulting in loss of data in that field. As a workaround, use any other browser, including older versions of Internet Explorer. If you are required to use IE 11, a workaround is being discussed on Microsoft's forums here. For your convenience, we have provided instructions in this Known Error.


2) When using Internet Explorer while logged into HI, the browser is forced into compatibility mode

Under certain conditions, customers who use Internet Explorer to log in to have experienced their browsers running in compatibility mode. This condition is caused by * or being added to the Trusted sites list within Internet Explorer. To resolve this issue, remove the references to ServiceNow in the Trusted sites zone.


3) When using Internet Explorer, the UI14 interface does not work in Eureka when document mode/user agent string is less than 9 or compatibility view is enabled

Document mode in F12 Developer Tools is set to 7 by default on IE 9, 10, and 11 if is treated as an intranet site. This causes UI14 to fail when accessing a Eureka instance. Users should try to figure out why is being treated as an intranet site on their local machine. To resolve this issue, change the settings in Document mode and User agent string or clear the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View option. See the Workaround section of this Known Error for detailed instructions.


4) Edit UI Action menu in the top form button is hidden behind the form header (in IE)

When trying to edit UI actions on a form in Internet Explorer, the Edit UI Action. context menu is hidden behind the form header and only a very small portion of the button is displayed. In Google Chrome, right-clicking a form button on the top of the form does not render the Edit UI Action context menu. To workaround this issue in IE, users can right-click the buttons to show the full menu, or choose actions from the Personalize > UI Actions option.


4) In IE8 and IE9, click-through is not working on the Approvers form for a problem

Clicking through reference icons in the Problem > Approval form in IE8 and IE9 does not navigate to reference documents as expected. There is no workaround for this issue, so we recommend using Chrome.

This week we're zeroing in on a important User Interface issue that could impact performance if not addressed carefully. Let's take a look at KB0549424: Creating a UNIQUE index via the UI with online alter enabled corrupts the table if the data is not unique and determine what we need to know.


Last summer, we received reports from customers that data was lost when they attempted to add a unique index via the UI. At the time, we were unable to reproduce the issue and had not seen additional cases until more users started upgrading in late fall. A closer look determined that online alter was enabled and the online alter process needed to validate that the data was unique prior to modifying the index table. Failure to do so resulted in records not being inserted into the new table structure and data being lost. This was due to the INSERT IGNORE bypassing the unique key violations.


After adding indexes with a unique constraint, you will see these symptoms if your instance is affected:

  • Table corruption
  • Data loss
  • Failure to insert records into the table


This issue was found to have originated in Calgary, when online alter was introduced. We investigated this issue and implemented a fix in Eureka Patch 8.


For customers who are unable to upgrade to Eureka Patch 8 and are using releases from Calgary to Eureka Patch 7, the following workaround is recommended:


To prevent the loss of data when a unique index is needed and an upgrade is not possible, please use the script below to verify the contents of the column manually before adding the index. The user can determine if there are any duplicate values before creating a unique index by using a script in "Script - Background" such as:


// This script will: select a, count(*) from table and group by a having count(*) > 1
var tableName = 'table_we_will_add_the_index_to';
var columnName = 'column_that_will_get_the_new_index';

var ga = new GlideAggregate(tableName);
ga.addAggregate('count', columnName);
if ( {
  gs.print('The column ' + columnName + ' on table ' + tableName + ' has duplicates.  Creating a unique index will result in data loss.');
} else {
  gs.print('The column ' + columnName + ' on table ' + tableName + ' does not have duplicate values.');


If non-unique values are found, remove or rename the duplicate values so they are unique.  Once completed, creating a unique index will no longer result in data loss.

Have you ever had a situation where you've submitted a inquiry, incident, or change request to HI and for some reason your notifications on the inquiry aren't coming through? Or you're on a watch list for a change and aren't getting emails on the subject? We have compiled a treasure trove of information on how to set up and troubleshoot your HI email notifications, and we've done our best to leave no stone unturned. Click the link below and start browsing! And let us know if there's anything we might have missed. We've got your back!

All new: HI Notifications Resource page

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.26.28 AM.png

As part of the ServiceNow Fuji release, we have again given the UI a makeover and aimed to provide you with a more consistent, useful experience. The stylistic changes include new icons and color schemes throughout the platform, the Edge, and various applications. There are also more opportunities to personalize views, user-friendly reference and preview features, and improved spacing and readability in the layout. Here is a look at just a few of the cool changes made in Fuji.


Forms - Responsive design

Form layouts adapt to better accommodate a variety of window widths. For example, in the reduced-width window, columns are displayed closer together:

Updated field notations

Field status indicators are larger and bolder to better highlight mandatory fields.


Lists - Sort indicator arrow and detail row

The top of the arrow in a list view column now indicates the max value and the detail row allows you to put a wide cell, like short description, on its own row.

API changes - popups

The form elements now respond to a fluid container, meaning the size of the browser window tells the form elements what their maximum size should be. As a result, GlideDialogForm needs a width and height set before rendering. If a width and height are not set, it estimates how big to make the dialog and sets some maximum sizes based on the dimensions of the container in the dialog.

Note the difference between Eureka and Fuji:

Info messages

Bolder notifications have been implemented to emphasize the message on the form or list and the timing of many notifications has also changed. Sometimes an AJAX transaction triggers an info or error message in a business rule. These messages now show when the AJAX transaction completes instead of when the next page is loaded.



And that's not all, of course! To accommodate the new release, we have created a Fuji improvements page packed with info from all areas of Support. As always, don't hesitate to send us your feedback here, in the Knowledge Base, or in Product Documentation. Take a look and enjoy getting to know the new UI!

New Fuji Improvements


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.32.51 PM.png

Folks, we've got a good one this week that we know you're going to love - an all new User Interface (UI) Resource page! Our UI team has been hard at work recently creating and gathering this content for you and we hope it addresses most of the UI questions that might come up in your day-to-day business. Check out the landing page below and as always, please send us your comments here or directly on the landing page and articles within. We look forward to your feedback!


All new: User Interface (UI) Resources page

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.56.42 PM.png

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