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The Automated Test Framework (ATF), introduced in Istanbul, enables you to create and run automated tests on your ServiceNow instance to ensure that it still works as designed after an upgrade. In Jakarta we've added several new features that give you more flexibility in how you test your instance.




What's new with the ATF in Jakarta?

What's been improved?

The recorded_at field in the sys_atf_result_item and sys_atf_transaction_mtom tables supports the ability to view transaction data for automated test results.


Where can I find out more?

Occasionally you might notice that a choice is displaying in blue text. This color indicates that the choice is sad (has the blues, get it?) because it is an invalid or inactive choice. This might occur, for example, if the related category has been deactivated but a record still contains the inactive value.


Or, as manjul.katare pointed out in an answer to this query, a sys_choice record has been deleted but its value is still being used in the record. The blue indicator is often misunderstood because red is usually used as a warning color, but in ServiceNow, it's text in blue in a choice list or drop-down list that indicates that the value has either been removed or is no longer active.


To return the blue text to the default black color, make sure that the choice is pointing to a valid record. You might also try to clear the cache by going to / to make sure that new values are properly cached.


If it makes you sad to see the sad blue text, you can turn off the color indicator for invalid choices by navigating to System Properties > UI Properties and clearing the checkbox for the Display missing choice list entries property.


More About Choice Lists

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” and because of its portability and widespread use, ServiceNow provides the capability of exporting many different types of information to PDF such as reports, homepages, and Performance Analytics dashboards. (Note that before users can export homepages or dashboards to PDF, you have to activate the WebKit HTML To PDF plugin, as described in Activate WebKit HTML To PDF.)



When exporting to PDF, you might have encountered some issues in the following circumstances:

  • Exporting a large amount of image data
  • HTML fields not rendering properly
  • Difficulty exporting a report if Display Grid is selected
  • PDF exports of a Service Catalog item don't include custom variables


Here are some tips and workarounds for possible PDF problems.


Exporting a large amount of image data

Images are a special type of content and exporting a large number of images can cause problems with your system ranging from an export error to performance degradation or even possibly crashes. Try to export no more than 15 MB of images to a single PDF at a time.


HTML field data exports

Forms that contain HTML fields sometimes don’t render properly when exported to PDF, and the raw HTML coding appears. To export the data properly, either select the Print Preview format or create a UI page with the desired look and then print or export to PDF.


Note that if you can upgrade, this issue was resolved in Fuji Patch 12 and Geneva Patch 3. For more information about HTML fields, see the documentation topic HTML Field Administration.


Exporting reports with Display Grid enabled

If you have the Display Grid option enabled when you create a report, an error occurs when you select Export to PDF and click Export. To avoid the error, save the report before exporting it. If that doesn’t work, try to re-create the report, save it, and then export to PDF.

pdf error.jpg


Service Catalog exports to PDF don't include custom variables

When exported to PDF, a Service Catalog Requested Item (sc_req_item) does not include the catalog variables that the user entered when exported. To include this information, click the gear icon and select Printer friendly version, and then print or export the form to PDF.


pdf custom field varibales.jpg


More fun with PDFs

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