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Calling all CreateNow Developers! The Native Platform Features course is now live on the Developer site! The training module consists of 14 exercises on the platform's native features to train you to customize it for your business. 


This course contains tutorials on:

  • Workflow
  • Service Catalog
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Reporting

These features are available out of box and are completely customizable.



In the Workflow course, we expand upon the concepts you learned in the Building a Sample ServiceNow application.  During that course you created a workflow that had an automatic approval of anything less than $500 dollars.  In the Native Platform Features you will create a new activity that automatically assigns approvals to an approval group instead of an individual user.


Service Catalog

Curious about ways to populate the Service Catalog? The Service Catalog module will take you through using an existing Record Producer to populate the Service Catalog.  It will also teach you how to create a new Service Catalog and add it to the homepage.




Scheduled Jobs

Automation is key, are you responsible for collecting and disseminating data to your team?  If you are, the Scheduled Jobs course will teach you how to automate the generation and sending of a weekly report. 



One of the most important aspects of your instance is your data! Reporting teaches you how to create reports using your own data. In the Reporting course you will learn how to take the data from your own application and generate reports with it.


Check out the Native Platform Features course to learn more!

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