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Since the launch of the ServiceNow CreateNow Development Suite in 2014, ServiceNow has been enabling customers and partners to build enterprise-grade, cloud-native business applications on the ServiceNow platform.  We are taking another step toward to making the ServiceNow platform more accessible to a broader community of application developers.

Today we are very excited to announce the new ServiceNow CreateNow Developer Program - your gateway to the ServiceNow platform – and the launch of ServiceNow Developers, a dedicated developer portal for ServiceNow developers.

CreateNow Developer Program

We all know application developers are always looking for tools and resources which can make them more productive so they can develop with greater speed, ease and efficiency. This becomes even more critical for developers adopting new development and deployment paradigms such as cloud application platforms. ServiceNow developers, by definition, are developing and deploying enterprise business applications on cloud application platforms, and in order to rapidly become productive, proficient, and agile application developers on the ServiceNow platform, it is critical that they’re able to easily find and access the necessary technical and product information.

The CreateNow Developer Program is for the global community of ServiceNow developers. These developers create applications, technology integrations, and other value-added solutions around ServiceNow products.  The program provides a portal of free content, technical resources and tools including access to free developer instances, and listing of events. It also includes a global online community for collaboration and sharing to help maximize productivity and efficiency.

This is the overall program dedicated to new and existing developers of products and solutions on the ServiceNow platform.  ServiceNow Developers is the website where developers can go to view and consume training and other related information. It is also where individuals register to join the CreateNow Developer Program.  This program is also tightly integrated with the ServiceNow Developer Community.


All members gain free access to a developer instance on the ServiceNow platform, on which they are free to innovate and create new business applications. The free developer instances of the ServiceNow Platform will automatically expire after a set period of inactivity, which is currently set at 14-days.

The CreateNow Developer Program and the ServiceNow Developers sites are currently live, so I encourage as many of you to visit ServiceNow Developers and follow the below 3 steps to join and become a member. 

  1. Visit ServiceNow Developers
  2. Register and Join
  3. Get a free Developer Instance

Join now and start creating on ServiceNow platform today!

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