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We have made a few updates to the ServiceNow Customer Self-Service Portal that we released a few weeks ago. Thanks to all of your feedback on HI regarding the new CSS portal, we were able to implement a few things we think you may find favorable.


First, we changed the Create Incident form so the Details field now appears on every type of incident and automatically expands to accommodate more lines of text. We had decided to hide this field on the incident form for certain types to streamline the incident creation process but you helped us realize that this was an important field.  Also, thanks to your comments, we found a bug with the text field failing to automatically expand. That bug has been fixed.


Second, some of you reported that the Create Incident option seemed buried on the Support page.  So we changed the box heading on the Support page to help make the it more prominent on the page.


We will continue to monitor feedback and make improvements as more people use the CSS Portal.  Keep sending in comments by clicking on the Feedback button on the right side of every page of the CSS portal.

HI has a new look! You will notice several notable changes to the user interface.  Explore the new interface and let us know what you think!


Look for:

  • a streamlined appearance,
  • new icons and features,
  • new system settings,
  • and more!

Self_Service_w_Highlights copy2.png

Streamlined Appearance

New icons and stylistic changes appear throughout the user interface.


For example, the View form icon in lists has a new look and feel, as do some of the icons on the Edge.  Also in the list view, there are new icons for functions such as Show / hide filter and Show activity stream in a flyout window.


There are also new icons for form functions such as:

  • Edit tags
  • Manage Attachments
  • Toggle annotations
  • Email
  • Show related incidents
  • Edit Affected Instances
  • Suggestion
  • Search Knowledge


Additional System Settings

We have added new options to the HI system menu so you can further personalize your experience.

  • Wrap Longer Text in List Columns
  • Compact View
  • Date/Time
  • Compact list date/time
  • Related List Loading



Additional Features and Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a great way to quickly navigate HI, so we added new shortcuts and features to facilitate interaction:


  • Open a new form pane tab: Press Command (Mac) or Alt (PC) and click a record name to open the record in a new form pane tab.
  • Edit a record from the list view: Press Shift and click a record name or point to the reference icon to open the record in a pop-up window.

  • When a list is sorted, the sorting column is highlighted in blue.
  • Column context menus and the application navigator context menu have a new downward arrow icon.



For more information, see KB0546123 or visit What's new in HI.

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