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16 Posts authored by: Martin Barclay Employee

creatorcon challenge.PNG


It's on again. Yes, that's right - the CreatorCon Challenge is back for your app creation and entrepreneurial pleasure.


No amount of shouting about how great it all was and how "overwhelming" the response was last year is going to make any difference - the proof that last year's inaugural edition was well received by the ServiceNow developer and partner community, as well as the judges, the attendees at the finale at Knowledge17,  and most importantly the customers that have already purchased the winning apps, is that ServiceNow decided to fund it and invest in it again for the 2nd year in a row.  Proof's in the pudding as they say. Well, the pudding is here, and it's mighty tasty.



This year, we're delighted to up our challenge game in four ways (not necessarily a complete list):


1) ServiceNow founder Fred Luddy is a judge. Who better to pitch your company and app to on the big stage at Knowledge18 than Fred Luddy? Answer: nobody.


2) Your personal VC mentor - BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital , a leader in the non-dilutive VC space, is back (he was a judge last year), this time as a personal mentor to the three finalists. That is some pretty serious value for startups to get access to someone of BJ's expertise to coach and mentor you as you fine-tune your investor pitches and then to be on-stage with you at Knowledge18. Sort of like your own Angelo Dundee.


3) $1M in total prizes - $500K in cash investments from ServiceNow Ventures plus $500K worth of sales and marketing prizes. See the FAQ for a detailed breakdown of how the $500K in sales and marketing is calculated, if you have any doubts about what it's really worth. And that doesn't even include what it would cost you for access to a mentor such as BJ Lackland (because BJ agreed to be a mentor after the FAQ was published, natch).


4) Expanded distribution channels - reach new customers in new markets all by yourself with the OEM Program. The perfect complement to the ServiceNow Store. Winners can (and are required to, actually) distribute and monetize apps on the Store, OEM Program, or both!


We are once again psyched to see what our developer and partner community will create on the Now Platform with all of the new platform services  in Jakarta (such as MetricBase) and what's coming soon in Kingston.


Good luck -  create something amazing and pitch it to Fred. We look forward to reviewing your entry.

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

It was 140 days between the CreatorCon Challenge announcement on Sept 28th, 2016 and the entry deadline of February 15th, 2017.


Reaching out to startups in both the existing ServiceNow partner and developer ecosystem as well as outside to ISVs and developers on other platforms, with a call to action to transform their business on the ServiceNow platform, was a lot of fun and in the end, very rewarding for me personally and the broader ServiceNow team that made this possible - including senior execs CTO Allan Leinwand , SVP DevOps and Platform BU Pat Casey, VP of Finance and Corporate Development Dominic Phillips (who heads ServiceNow Ventures, the major sponsor of this competition), and Avanish Sahai (VP Worldwide ISVs and Technology Alliances).


But most importantly, the goal for the CreatorCon Challenge is that it be incredibly rewarding for the ISV startups that took on the Challenge and put forth tremendous innovation and effort in creating their apps and entry materials that were required in those seemingly really fast/blurred 140 days. I suppose that's a testament to the fact that you really can build high-impact, platform services-rich business apps really really fast on the ServiceNow platform (Ok, at Lightspeed). I'm sure we could put together a mathematical formula that could take the # of lines of Javascript and Angular JS code, # of workflows, # of  tables rows, # of API calls, # of orchestration activities, etc. etc. and divide by 140 to reach the magic number of 186,000. But I have better things to do.


Suffice to say, the Shortlist Startups with awesome leadership teams all built their revenue generating, high business impact delivering,  large and growing total available market-addressing, competitively differentiating and sustainable competitive advantaging (think moat), deep and wide platform service-using, technical viability-evidencing apps in just 140 days. That's pretty awesome.


To throw some meta-numbers on the board, we received 226 entries that completed at least the Personal/Company profile. 37 of those also completed the App profile and submitted App Materials (investor and/or on-screen app demo video).  Out of those 37, 17 met all of the by-design strict/high-bar eligibility criteria for both entity and entry eligibility.  And of those 17, 9 were selected to the Shortlist.


So without further adieu or to do, here are "The Nine", in alphabetical order.



Skillmix is an intelligent spatial management software. Its main objective is to boost productivity and innovation through smart desk assignment. Skillmix organizes and manages employee seating plans according to expertise, experience or any other criteria that meet company objectives.



Clear Skye's Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) for ServiceNow helps organizations navigate towards a state of compliance, by managing any type of account, across any type of environment. ILM is available on the ServiceNow Store.


cofigure logo.jpg

CoFigure Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the first in the suite of HR applications designed to create a single system of action for a consumerized enterprise that crosses HR, IT and all enterprise services. ATS is available on the ServiceNow Store.



Vendition is a vertical solution for Consulting companies to manage customers, contacts, opportunities, engagements, and support of their clients.



CourseLoop provides flexible workflow management and a 'single source of truth' for University curriculum information management - eliminating reliance on paper forms, spreadsheets and email.



Help-Full provides employees caring for aging parents with peace of mind when they can't be there and respite when they need a break. We connect older adults with their neighbors (including your employees) to find fun, friendship, and fulfillment.



PlatCore is a full-featured learning management system (LMS) built entirely on the ServiceNow platform. PlatCore is designed to easily deliver training through various methods including video, knowledge base articles, and assessments.



BariAPPtric is a  healthcare team portal and a patient app. The portal provides a data rich, unified dashboard benefiting from a patient-centric design including traceability systems to track and document activities along the patient pathway.



Cloud EQMS enables companies to manage their quality processes in a Cloud/Saas model. Examples of quality processes are: Deviations, CAPAs, Change Controls, Complaints and Audits.



So What's Next?


During the rest of March, each company will participate in a WebEx with ServiceNow executives, provide a live pitch that highlights the company, business proposition, the app, and why ServiceNow should consider investing, and answer any questions that the execs may have. From there, the execs will determine the three finalists that will be on-stage in the CreatorCon Challenge finale, immediately following the CreatorCon keynote on Thursday, May 11th in a general session in front of a few thousand Knowledge17 attendees. The finale will be a "shark tank" style event and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be determined by the "Legends of Tech" judging panel. The winners will receive their share of $500K in cash investments from ServiceNow Ventures, plus over $300K worth of marketing and business development prizes.


All nine of the above companies will get free trips to Knowledge17 (flight, hotel, transport to/from the airport/hotel) for two people from each company, plus full Knowledge17 passes and demo space in a sweet part of the centrally-located (smack dab in-between the ServiceNow Pavilion and the ExpoNow floor) CreatorCon Developer Hub (sweet = premium location, high foot-traffic).


The three winning apps will all be published to the ServiceNow Store on the Istanbul or Jarkarta release by the end of August for delivery to all ServiceNow customers globally. We also expect the six shortlisted apps that aren't selected as finalists/winners to be published to the Store so that they too can sell and deliver their innovative apps securely and efficiently to ServiceNow customers globally.


A hearty congratulations to the shortlist and a hearty thank you to all the startups and developers who participated in the Challenge. There were some really awesome apps that didn't make the shortlist but that we have identified and called out to the ServiceNow partner sales team twho will be in contact with them about go-to-market planning and sales engagement as we fully expect that ServiceNow customers will want to see those apps on the Store as well.


Stay tuned to hear who the three finalists are - they will be announced on April 12th!

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

We’re excited to announce the CreatorCon judging panel!


Three legends of the enterprise IT and SaaS worlds will apply their expert scrutiny in selecting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place startups (and their apps built on the ServiceNow platform) that will deliver tremendous value to ServiceNow customers via distribution on the ServiceNow Store. They will judge the three finalists who will compete in a live pitch-off, on stage in a general session at CreatorCon on May 11th in Orlando, FL.




To find out who the judges are, please read the official announcement from ServiceNow CTO Allan Leinwand.


If you are selected as one of the three finalists, you’ll meet our esteemed judges. These vital industry connections add even more value to the $500K in cash investments from ServiceNow Ventures and $325K in marketing and business development prizes. I'd even go out on a limb and suggest this pushes it over the $1 million mark.


Be sure to get your entries in by the deadline of 2/15, for a shot at this tremendous opportunity!


Team CreatorCon Challenge

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA


Hello ServiceNow developers and partners seeking to redouble your startup's growth, expand your addressable market, and experience lasting fame and fortune!


The  CreatorCon Challenge entry deadline is Wednesday, February 15th, at 8:00PM Pacific Time !!!


Complete your entry for a shot at $500K in cash investments from ServiceNow Ventures for three startups, and over $300K worth of marketing and business development prizes for up to ten startups! Holy Mackanow!


creatorcon_challenge_keynote.jpgThis Could Be You on the CreatorCon Main Stage at Knowledge17 !


Mandatory Entry Materials


1. Two-minute investor pitch video - why ServiceNow Ventures should consider investing in your company. Guidelines on what to include in your video:


a.Your Team/Background
b.Company vision
c.Addressable market size
d.Sustainable competitive advantage/differentiator
e.App pitch (use case, problems solved, value delivered)
f.Use of ServiceNow platform services/technology stack
g.Roadmap highlights
h.Forecast (customers/bookings)


2. Five-minute app demo video - on-screen recording with narration demonstrating the user experience for both a ServiceNow admin and an end user


3. Your app, resident on your designated developer instance


Check out the pitch videos from the ten 2016  CreatorCon Hackathon finalists to get a flavor for how to pitch and demo your app.


Your app does not have to be Store, production instance, or even sub-prod instance ready! It only has to be in a demo-ware state by the entry deadline! There is still time!


Happy hunting and we hope to see your company and app at the finish line!


Team CreatorCon Challenge

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

Today at 8:00AM the CreatorCon Challenge Entry Period begins and the Entry website is now open for business. Here's a rundown of the requirements for an eligible entry, and the three-step entry process. Note: this blog post is not a substitute for the official Terms and Conditions that you must read and accept as part of the entry requirements. This blog post hits only selected highlights, sort of like a Cliffs Notes, and also contains tips and guidance.




Eligible Entity Requirements


  1. Open only to independent legal entities (if in USA, an LLC, S Corp, or C Corp). The name and website of the independent legal entity must be specified in the Personal/Company Profile (see below) by the entry deadline of 2/15/17 at 8:00PM Pacific Time. You can enter now if you're an independent developer, but if you're serious about advancing in the Challenge, you'll need to create a company and submit the name and website in the Personal/Company Profile by 2/15/17 or your entry is not eligible.
  2. Have not received an entity valuation as a result of equity financing (very early stage startup)
  3. Have received total cash funding of less than $3M USD
  4. Entity's principal business must be developing and selling commercial pre-packaged software-as-a-service. Companies that are today primarily Services/Implementation companies must spin off an ISV independent legal entity to be an eligible entity.
  5. Entity cannot be managed by current ServiceNow employees, or former ServiceNow employees as of 9/28/15 or later
  6. Must create (or use an existing) a single designated ServiceNow developer account to enter and develop the app on the developer instance associated with that designated account.
  7. Read, accept, and comply with the official Terms and Conditions


Eligible App Requirements


  1. One app per entity.
  2. App cannot have been submitted to ServiceNow for technical certification prior to August 1, 2016
  3. Entity agrees to publish a winning app on the ServiceNow Store by August 15th, 2017
  4. Apps must be developed on the ServiceNow platform Helsinki or Istanbul release by the entry deadline. Shortlisted and finalist apps must be on Istanbul by CreatorCon (May 9th-11th 2017)
  5. The principal value must be delivered by the app running on the ServiceNow platform. We are not seeking out integrations where the primary value is delivered on another platform. In support of this, part of the app evaluation criteria is the extent (depth and breadth) of your app's utilization of ServiceNow platform services. You are of course welcome and encouraged to use the ServiceNow platform's extensive REST API and integration tools platform services in your app and to integrate with whatever you want to, but be mindful that the principal value of your app must be delivered on the ServiceNow platform.


Entry Process


Step 0. If you don't already have one, you need to create and be logged into a single designated ServiceNow developer account.

Step 1. Complete and submit the Personal/Company Profile Entry form at the Entry website, or click on Enter from the CreatorCon Challenge landing page. Again, if you are currently an indie developer, you must submit your Company Name and Website by the entry deadline (2/15/17) for an eligible entry.

Step 2. Complete and submit the App Profile. If you do not already have a developer instance at the time of submitting your App Profile, click on the Get One Now link right below the Developer Instance Name field and follow the instructions to obtain your developer instance. When you return to the App Profile entry form, you may need to refresh the page for your developer instance to populate. Your developer instance is where you must create your app and where ServiceNow will go starting on 2/15/17 to evaluate apps for technical viability and match to your app demo video. Developer instance name cannot be changed.


App Profile.PNG


Notice the three circles in the Entry nav. They are white with three dots while incomplete,  and toggle to red with a white checkmark when completed. You can click on any of the dots to go immediately to that form to make changes and updates (App Materials Submission opens on Dec 9th).


Step 3. (Opens December 9th) Submit Application Materials


Mandatory Application Materials


1. Your app, resident on the developer instance associated with your designated ServiceNow developer account (the developer instance in your App Profile).

2. A 2-minute investor pitch video

3. An up to 5-minute on-screen app demo video from both the admin and end user perspective.


Optional Application Materials


Supporting content such as a business plan, investor presentation, whitepaper, explainer video etc. are welcome but not required.


Updating Your Entry


After your initial submission of the Personal/Company Profile form, you can come back at any time as often as you like until the entry deadline to make changes (except your name, email address, and developer instance - these are fixed by your designated ServiceNow developer account, and cannot be changed) and add/update new information.


You can get to the Entry website directly from the Developer Dashboard - click on Manage->CreatorCon Challenge Entry.


manage creatorconchallenge entry.png



With $500,000 in cash investments and approximately $325,000 worth of non-investment (marketing/publicity and business development) prizes on offer, this is a golden opportunity for your startup  to partner with ServiceNow and take your company to the next level faster. We are looking forward to seeing what you build.

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

If you're looking to decrease time to resolution and improve your SLA success rates, you should check out this webinar from ServiceNow Technology Partner Ushur on how to build ServiceBots for ServiceNow.


ServiceNow users can put Ushur ServiceBots to work right now by downloading bots for mobile approvals, resolutions, and messaging from the ServiceNow Store.


And the cool part is they recently launched the Ushur ServiceNow SDK which enables developers to link ServiceNow tables to ServiceBots, and enables mobile self-service without leaving the ServiceNow platform.



Boost your SLAs with Ushur ServiceBots today!

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

I'm pleased to announce that two new significant prizes have been confirmed for the three CreatorCon Challenge winners:


1) ServiceNow Sales Awareness: ServiceNow will produce a video (3-5 minutes) with the three winners where you can pitch and show off your app to the global ServiceNow sales team. ServiceNow sales is incentivized to help Technology Partners (that would be your company if you win) sell ServiceNow Store apps as they receive 20% of the app license ACV in quota/commission credit when one of their customers purchases an app on the Store. The video will be distributed through the ServiceNow Sales Newsletter and posted to our Sales Enablement Info Center.




2) Customer Awareness & Leads: ServiceNow will promote and host a customer webinar (60 minutes) where you can show off your app to our global customer base and drive leads to your app listing page on the ServiceNow Store. The webinar will be recorded and posted to the on-demand webinar page  and will be promoted on the ServiceNow Community.




Both of the above are designed to accelerate the growth of your startup and drive demand for your winning apps on the ServiceNow Store. The official entry system opens on Nov 10th so we encourage you to step up your efforts and continue to build the next great new app for the ServiceNow platform.


Please take advantage of the elite technical support team in the private CreatorCon Challenge subspace who are standing by to assist you with app design, architecture, or technical questions or challenges. (All entrants have received instructions and are authorized to access the subspace).

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

Greetings developer community!


On Thursday June 30th we attempted a Webex webinar to show developers all the cool new stuff in the platform Helsinki release for building killer UIs and custom widgets with Service Portal Designer, scaling out app dev safely to non-admin developers in departments across the enterprise with Delegated Development, ECMAScript5 for a modern JavaScript experience, Studio-Git integration for distributed source control, and other cool stuff like record watcher.


Unfortunately, due to "overwhelming" (a cliche but true this time) interest inthe event, we broke Webex due to the super high number of would-be attendees (more than 1,500 people tried to join live) and we had no ability to screen share for the first 30-40 minutes of the event.


Well, when the going gets tough....


So we are doing a "Take 2" live Ask the Experts on Thursday July 14th at 11AM PT using Google Hangouts this time where dave.slusher will give you a guided tour of all of the above and answer your questions live! The session will be recorded for those of you who can't make it on the relatively short notice, and you can always ask questions and join the discussion after the fact.


Come learn about how to use Helsinki to enable the Service Revolution and crush it with AngularJS !

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

The Helsinki release is a big upgrade to the ServiceNow developer experience. The overall Helsinki themes are i) Consumerizing the Service Experience and ii) Accelerate Time-to-Value. New developer and development features in the platform directly support both.


Service Portal Designer is the canvas for delightful employee experiences. Visually compelling with predefined widgets and templates, Service Portal enables developers  to build visually stunning employee portals using out of the box widgets and templates as well as creating their own widgets and styles with standard web tools such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, HTML, and CSS.


Delegated Development is one of the most requested features from our customers. They told us that they want to reduce the # of admins on their production instances. At the same time, IT is getting requests from other departments and business units to build their own apps on the ServiceNow Platform. IT could only support this by creating more admins, which leads to concerns about platform performance, individual app performance, and potential security issues. This led to shadow IT with departments and business units sourcing their own development platforms and resulted in increasing application backlogs for IT.


Delegated Development solves this headache by enabling IT to create a scoped app based on department/BU requirements, assign non-admin users and teams granular developer permissions against that app, define app cross-scope permissions that dictate resources and data accessible outside of the app scope,  control publishing to  production, and track and enforce app resource usage. Individuals or groups of developers can be assigned their own logical sandboxes with very granular definitions of what they are allowed to see and do. Now you can be sure that your app development team in one department is safely quarantined from touching, for example, your change management application.


This enables IT to become the at-scale PaaS provider to the enterprise and retain governance and control over the platform,  while at the same time scaling out the # of developers  across the enterprise. This leads to accelerated time-to-value and increased business agility for departments and BUs outside of IT. Now they can quickly build the apps on the ServiceNow Platform that meet their specific business needs without having to rely on IT all of the time.


developer permissions.png

Delegated Development: Enabling non-admin developers to leverage the ServiceNow Platform


Scoped Administration - allows organizations to protect sensitive application data by restricting how users acquire application-specific roles.


ECMAScript 5 - a modern JavaScript experience that developers expect, including the ability to leverage external 3rd party libraries such as Lodash. This increases developer productivity and accelerates time to value for new applications.


Studio - Git Source Control Integration - streamlines the agile development process by supporting any Git-compatible distributed source control solution such as GitHub or Bitbucket.


API Usage Analyticsidentifies who is using a Web Service API, and what versions are being used, providing more visibility into active integrations and assisting with application rationalization.


Excel XLSX support: - enables import and export of records in XLSX format.  XLSX Processing is significantly better in memory management


Client App Enablement:  Example REST Client applications have been created and their source made available on GitHub to illustrate how customers can connect applications to ServiceNow using our REST APIs. The app enablement applications include NodeJS and iOS example application as well as a Scripted REST API. Each repo includes documentation that walks developers through cloning the repo from GitHub to configuring and running the application. These example client applications can be accessed from with ServiceNow by navigating to REST -> Example Client Apps


Web Service Import Sets -  enhanced asynchronous behavior.


Reporting - Map reports, Single Score auto–refresh, and more efficient calendar rendering to improve the reporting experience.


Developers can get hands-on with Helsinki at ServiceNow Developers and at the CreatorCon Hackathon and all CreatorCon workshops at Knowledge16.


We can't wait to see what you build on H!

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA



Update: If you are registered for Knowledge16 or CreatorCon you can register immediately for the CreatorCon Hackathon at

Just be sure to use the same email that you used to register for Knowledge16 or CreatorCon!


This year's CreatorCon Hackathon at K16  will take it to a whole other level. Luxe new Developer Hub,  DJ, persistent food & bev, three categories to specialize in, video-taped fast pitches, luminary judging and community voting, all at the center of the K16 action. We're expecting the Developer Hub Hackahon Zone to be bursting with over 300 developers, the biggest ServiceNow hackathon on the planet so far.


Developer Hub - Hackathon.png



Developer Hub - Hackathon3.png

Hackathon Zone in the Developer Hub



You’ll be competing in one of 3 categories for $3,000 in prizes and the chance to star in a webinar that will be seen by the 30K+ strong ServiceNow developer community. 9 finalists will be selected by ServiceNow luminaries and will compete in a videotaped TC Disrupt style fast-pitch on the Developer Hub floor the next day. CreatorCon and K16 attendees will vote for the 3 category winners and ServiceNow luminaries will pick the GP Winner. Check out the categories and all of the awesome prizes below.


Categories and Prizes v3.png



What are we looking for?


We are looking for you to solve a hard business problem that you/your team is actually facing at work or could imagine facing at work. This could be something that you haven't had time or cycles to address in your day-day work life, or something super cool and high value that you've always wanted to try but never had the time or resources. The hackathon is the perfect opportunity for you to take a crack at it, with the very latest ServiceNow Platform release and tools, plus ServiceNow gurus to speed you along your way. Some examples to get you thinking:


  • A broken process that is causing wasted time, user frustration, and unnecessary complexity
  • A legacy app with a poor UX that is difficult to maintain
  • A workflow that takes multiple apps and manual steps to complete
  • Big, hairy, audacious app requests sitting in the backlog
  • Repetitive tasks involving external systems and processes that take up more time than they should, that if automated would save big bucks, people time, and reduce errors
  • Management reports involving enterprise assets, CMDB, and service records that require multiple data sources and reporting systems to get the necessary information and are slow, cumbersome and error-prone to pull together
  • Any service (request-action-result)  in any department in your company that is unstructured and uses email, spreadsheets, Word docs, IM, and phone calls to get done that could be improved via process re-architecting, automation, and a consumer-grade UX.
  • Crazy things most people would never think about - standing up new physical storefronts; running a smart city, neighborhood, or building. You get the idea.


Since we're not in the business of capping or limiting your innovation, "work" could be either at your current workplace or any place of work/business where you could envision ServiceNow being of value. Let's drill down a bit on the categories:


Platform Vanguard: Best use of new Platform features and tools in Helsinki - think Service Portal, ECMAScript/JavaScript 5, Git integration. Excel XLSX support, native Android app, Delegated Development.


Best Business Solution: An app that delivers the highest tangible/measurable ROI in terms of i)  increasing revenue, productivity, efficiency, business agility, user satisfaction (NPS) or ii)   reducing cost or risk. Think about pitching your app to the CFO or COO.


Most Innovative: This is an open category. The only requirement is that it be of high value to some kind of business (any business, not necessarily your current place of work).  Unleash your creativity about what can be done with the ServiceNow Platform.


Registration Instructions


To get in on the action, follow these three steps in sequence:


1) Register for K16 or CreatorCon

2) Add the CreatorCon Hackathon Session Type to your K16 agenda using the Session Scheduler on the K16 website.

3) Within 24 hours of doing 2), we will send an email to the email address you used in 1) with further instructions to officially register for the Hackathon, start or join a team, and preparing to compete!


Slay your (or any) business problem in 8 hours with your innovation on top of the ServiceNow Platform and be a hero when you get back to work.


#HackNow Team

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

The ServiceNow Platform has a seemingly infinite set of use cases in the enterprise. The combination of the new Studio IDE and over twenty Platform services such as Workflows, Scripting, Integrations and APIs, Orchestrations, Self-Service Catalog, Reporting & Analytics, Mobile UI, Connect, Visual Task Boards, and on and on mean that ServiceNow admins, developers, architects,and partners can utilize the Platform to literally deliver "Everything as a Service" for departments, shared services, and business units across the enterprise.


A great example brought to my attention by my colleague keeshenniphof (thanks Kees!) is Sky. Sky is a major U.K.based  television, telecom, and broadband provider that initially implemented ServiceNow ITSM to upgrade to a modern, efficient, and user-friendly Incident-Problem-Change solution for IT. However it's clear from the video  that they're doing so much more with the Platform.




Together with ServiceNow Preferred Solutions Partner TeamUltra, Sky has developed and deployed numerous apps, developed by in-house developers (via a very cool "Hothouse" rapid app development approach), TeamUltra, and even apps from ServiceNow Technology Partners including Bomgar remote control (available on ServiceNow Store). Other cool apps mentioned in the video are a gamification app for the helpdesk, and a consumerized shopping experience for all employees.


This is a great example of how customers are leveraging the ServiceNow Platform into multiple use cases and solutions across the enterprise by extending ITSM, developing new Platform apps with in-house devs and Solutions Partners, and deploying pre-built, certified apps from Technology Partners (ISVs)  available on ServiceNow Store.


Enjoy the video!

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

As we ramp up planning for CreatorCon at Knowledge16, we are seeking feedback on the outcomes that members of the developer community have experienced since passing the ServiceNow Certified Application Developer exam, to help us determine how best to offer free certification exams at the next CreatorCon.


If you are a Certified Application Developer, please respond to this 2-minute survey (tops - maybe 1 minute).


Thank You!

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

Geneva launched on Dec 8th, and one of the highlights is the upgraded and streamlined development environment, in the form of the new Studio cloud IDE. The combination of Studio and ServiceNow Platform services makes leveraged enterprise cloud app development a reality with Geneva.


What do I mean by “leveraged enterprise cloud app development"?  I'll break it down. But first, let’s recall what “leverage” actually means.


If you use $100K of your own money to buy $100K of land, you haven’t used (financial) leverage.


On the other hand, if you use $100K of your own money and borrow $400K to buy $500K worth of land, you’re using financial leverage. You now control $500K of land with only $100K of your own money.


If the value of the land goes up 10%, your profit without leverage is $10K. With leverage, your profit is $50K.


So think of Studio + Platform services as that $400K loan (interest free and no payment required unless your app is deployed onto a production instance with fulfiller licenses)  in the above example. As the developer, you put in 20% or $100K worth of the overall code of the app – the most valuable part that solves the actual business need for the end user – while  Studio + Platform services provides you with the $400K worth of developer tools and Platform services, enabling you to deliver an app that’s actually worth $500K to the business. And, if the number of users of your app exceeds the initial expectation, then the business makes more “profit” ($50K vs $10K). That’s leveraged application development.





Let’s take a closer look at how this is actually delivered in Geneva:


  • The ServiceNow Platform comes with a comprehensive set of built-in services that do a lot of the heavy lifting that's required with true enterprise-grade app development, for you. This means that every app you develop on the ServiceNow Platform can leverage whichever of these services you choose to incorporate - which slashes app dev and testing time, and exponentially increases your productivity the more apps that you build with these re-usable services. To see what these over twenty Platform Services are, see the almost-complete list in the Platform section of the Geneva release notes, as well as the pre-Geneva Platform documentation.http://https/ say "almost-complete" because there are even more Platform services available than are listed in those two places - things like Performance Analytics (which all apps can enable), Reporting (which all apps get automatically), and Orchestrations & MID Server (which all apps can leverage).


  • Studio puts these Platform services at your fingertips in a highly efficient manner you'd expect from an IDE. Features such as JavaScript linting, syntax checker, API prompter, code search, and application explorer massively improve the developer experience on the ServiceNow Platform.


  • Studio enables you to easily package and post scoped apps and manage updates to the app repository where they can be published to your test and production instances or the ServiceNow Store if you're a Technology Partner with a certified app or integration. This means that you can make apps available instantly to teams, workgroups, departments, your entire enterprise, or the entire ServiceNow customer install base globally, at the push of a button.


If you're a professional app developer in IT and you're facing increasing demands from across the enterprise for more and more new cloud-native apps and integrations faster, while still needing to adhere to stringent enterprise requirements for security, availability, governance, analytics, regulatory compliance and more




If you're an ITSM or ITOM administrator that develops apps to help you and your team automate your work and address more use cases with the ServiceNow Platform




If you're an ISV looking to publish scoped apps and integrations to ServiceNow customers globally on the ServiceNow Store




Studio+Platform services is the knockout combo you've been looking for. Dive in with your own always-free-to-develop Geneva developer instance at ServiceNow Developers.


Now that's what I call leverage.

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

New in Geneva is ServiceNow Studio cloud IDE - that transforms developer productivity by delivering a familiar experience that developers expect with all tools in one place. Features like Application Explorer, Go To File Search, Code Search, intelligent scripting, and tabbed development make app dev on ServiceNow faster and easier so developers can get more stuff done faster. You can publish from Studio to your test and production instances and even to the ServiceNow Store, and easily manage upgrades via the app repository.


Studio is 100% cloud based so there's nothing to download, install, configure, or maintain - it all happens in the browser. And when ServiceNow upgrades Studio, you get it for free, automatically, without doing anything.






You can learn more about Studio in this blog post.  Start developing where you belong - in the Enterprise Cloud. You can upgrade your developer instance to Geneva and get cracking today.

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

Martin Barclay

Developer Day Debut

Posted by Martin Barclay Employee Oct 13, 2015



Today at ExCel London and the day before NowForum London, ServiceNow Platform Business Unit and EMEA sales & marketing teams welcome nearly 400 developers from ServiceNow customers and partners to a full day of sessions, live coding, and demos of all the latest things app development, integration, and deployment on the ServiceNow Platform.


This is the first-of-it's kind ServiceNow Developer Day modeled after CreatorCon - the first of many I expect based on the sold-out status of this one.


10 subject matter experts from the Platform Business Unit, led by Pat Casey, will articulate the Platform vision and strategy and cover top app dev and integration topics over a total of 12 sessions. As a special bonus, Fred Luddy will be on stage for a Q&A with Pat Casey.And there will be an Expo area with 6 demo pods showing Encryption, Advanced Developer Tools, Integrations, App Model, ServiceNow Store and Developer Program - a great opportunity for attendees to get up close with the latest in developer/ISV products and concepts, interact with the experts,and advance their professional expertise developing on the ServiceNow Platform.


I'm excited to meet with the ServiceNow developer community here in London and am looking forward to an awesome day. Cheers.

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
App Store and ISVs
Santa Clara, CA

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