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Shahid Shah

Free Service Portal Widget

Posted by Shahid Shah Employee Jul 13, 2017

There are many people freely sharing Service Portal widgets on the ServiceNow Share. If you haven't done it yet, stop trying to code your next widget and check if one already exists for you.


As I have much love for the product and the community, I wanted to get in on the act too and share the love. So I'm excited to share with you the Search Page with Assistance widget, which was created in response to this discussion. Yup, I had a Barney Stinson moment ("Challenge accepted!").


In short, this widget is a take on the OOB widget called Search Page, with one missing element... the "Did you mean?" suggestions. (Would it be naughty to say this is how the widget should've been?)


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 19.08.27.png


Just make sure you already have the behaviour enabled by setting the glide.ts.dym.enable_spell_correct and glide.ts.dym.enable_chain_suggest properties to true, then toggle the options for the widget.


Feel free to do what you want with it: use it, rip/change the code, or even shred it. It's yours now.

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