• Creator meetup @ Knowledge14

    Creator Nation...   Last month we talked about meeting at Knowledge14 to continue the discussion about CreateNow - custom apps, how to develop them, how they're licensed.   Is there still interest in that?...
    Dan Turchin
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  • I am a creator - Evanios Operations/Event Management - Andy Ray

    Short Description: Evanios Operations is an application to provide enterprise event management on the ServiceNow platform.  It allows the consolidation of events from various monitoring tools across the enterpri...
    Andy Ray
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  • Integration request list (Post your desired integrations here!)

    If there's a custom integration that you're interested in, please post a comment below to see if anyone else has done it (or is similarly interested). Before you post, you probably want to check the List of Available...
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  • I am a creator - this is my Certificate tracking app - John McCormick

    Certificates - This application is designed to help track certificates, their compliance, and life cycle throughout the  that are required of medical by various governing bodies. It started as a spreadsheet for t...
    John McCormick
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  • Nimsoft Integration

    Hi All   I am trying to Integrate Nimsoft with ServiceNow and the documentation provided by wiki on this is very little, due to which I am not able to understand how to utilize the plug-in so that I can establis...
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  • SCOM 2012 integration Incident update to SCOM update_Alert.exe setup

    We are having a problem getting the integration from the Service-now mid server using the update_alert.exe to update the SCOM event. It processes this <parameters><parameter name='name' value='C:\service-now...
    John Neels
    created by John Neels
  • I am a creator – User Lookup Tool - John McCormick

    This app is designed to provide a simple lookup tool for user information in the user table. It will display the user's name, username, email and phone number. We built it for those users that don't have easy visibili...
    John McCormick
    created by John McCormick
  • Linked server using SQL Server 2008 R2 not working . Getting error "Access denied."

    I'm trying to setup a linked server using the ODBC drivers and SQL Server 2008 R2. Everything is setup fine and the connection seems to work until I try to submit a query. Then I get the following response: ---------...
    Mike D.
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  • Customizing the ESS Portal

    We're in the process of implementing Service Catalog, and using the ESS Portal.   We're looking for other ServiceNow customers who have done the same thing.  We're curious as to how difficult it is to cust...
    Dave Stuart
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  • I am a creator – Out of Office Tracking and Admin System - Paul Plato

    We developed this app to replace an ancient Lotus Notes app.   With the build-in workflow engine, it was pretty easy since it is a simple application.  The built-in calendar view is also very useful. ...
  • I am a creator - Project Charters - Diana Chandler

    The Project Charter application was created as a v2 for this process in Service-Now.    The Project Charter process is what UK Analytics and Technologies (central IT services for the university) needs befo...
    D. Diana Chandler
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  • Reference on UI Page

    Hi, on UI Page, i have a two drop downs, based on the First drop down im populating the values on second one, based on these two drop downs im applying the filter to populate the values in Reference. How to do this, ...
    Hima Pallela
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  • Import user photo from LDAP into S-N (reloaded)

    Dear Community, my company is now changing to Service-Now and I'm currently working on adapting it to our needs. I worked the entire day long on the import of the LDAP user photo into S-N and I really got to thank joh...
    Michel Conter
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  • Date Format in Catalog Item

    Hi,   I have a Variable of type 'Date'.This displays date after seven days from now, below is the Snapshot:   The above date is in 'dd-mm-yyyy' format. When I change this date to less than '30-04-2014'&n...
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  • How can I get the variable value from the RITM record?

    I want to get a variable value from the RITM record, the value is from one of the request form. I try to get it from the 'sc_item_option_mtom' table, but i did not work. var scOption = new GlideRecord('sc_item_option...
    danny sun
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  • SCOM integration problem. Service-Now to SCOM does not work

    Hello, I have the Service-Now SCOM Connector configured on both my SCOM server and MID server. Alerts from SCOM are being sent to Service-Now and even updated from Service-Now with the Incident Number. However, when ...
    Tyler Pullins
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  • Workflow on sc_req_item

    I'm working with workflows the service catalog, which we all know includes the hierarchy of request=>request items=>catalog tasks (well, I guess they are anyway). Anyone that's dealt with these knows that there ...
    Earl Lewis
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  • Count number of distinct groups within a grouping?

    Sample table for illustration purposes:   Farmer Animal Animal Birthdate Joe Pig 4/4/2014 Joe Pig 4/5/2014 Joe Cow 4/1/2010 Joe Dog 4/1/2006 Billy Chicken 4/4/2014 Billy Chicken 4/4/2013 Joanne Pig 4/4/2012 Joann...
    MG Casey
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  • Testing the visibility of a Record Producer Variable

    I have a Record Producer with several Variables. When the RP is submitted I'm dynamically creating content based on the values of these Variables. Some of these Variables may have their visibility hidden based on the ...
    Michael Domke
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  • Append timezone code with timestamp ?

    I want to append timezone code based on the user who logs in like("BST" or "PST") to the timestamp which we generally see on Incident table in "opened_at" field.   e.g:- 2014-04-22 15:52:39 BST (if the user who ...