• Is there a possibility to add a table on the Service catalog item?

    Hi All,   Is there a possibility to add a table on the catalog request form so that the user can add n number of data in the table on the form and submit a ticket?   Thanks
    sam sundar
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  • Is it possible to "get" an incident_list.do query parameter for fields not listed in the GlideSystem?

    Taking an example query string like the following:   incident_list.do?sysparm_query=caller_id=javascript:gs.getUserID()^ORopened_by=javascript:gs.getUserID()^active=true   I would like to modify it such th...
    brian cronrath
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  • Task details not getting forwarded?

    Hi All,   We have this so called Access management application in which the task is generated but the variables are not getting forwarded to the next task. There was  only one task at first and they wanted ...
    sam sundar
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  • How can i associate my report to ESS portal?

    Hi,   Actually i built one report in my DEV Instance  i want to associate that report to my ESS portal. Their is one script working on background for other reports.
    chaitanya kumar
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  • Workflow stage rendering not working in Fuji

    Hi all,   Has anyone noticed issues after Fuji upgrade with the workflow stage rendering - both on the Order Status screen and also on the list view of Requests?   The stages are displayed as plain text an...
    Joy Chatterji
    created by Joy Chatterji
  • Reference dynamic creation - Enable from UI Page

    Dynamic Creation of references is easy enough from a regular form.  But what if that form is a custom UI page? Is this still possible? (Without using a simple text field and custom onchange rules)
    Stephen Walcott
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  • I am a creator – PDF Document Generator - Walter Brame

    PDF Document Generator is used by the ServiceNow, Inc. sales organization and is a generic HTML form creation and PDF Document generation framework.  The framework supports creating HTML forms and PDF files using...
    Walter Brame
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  • Fuji Patch 4 Form Tabs Different from other Fuji Releases? (Also Fuji Themes and Colors)

    I just upgraded to Fuji Patch 4 and noticed that the tabs looks different from the previous Fuji releases. Here's patch 3:   And here's patch 4:   Is it just e experiencing this difference, or was this...
    Shawn Dowler
    created by Shawn Dowler
  • How to add a new item to an existing request with catalog variables

    I need to add an item to an existing request. The workflows require that certain variables exist and I'll need them to be visible in later tasks.   Some time ago (Calgary) I attempted to create them manually.&n...
    Stephen Walcott
    created by Stephen Walcott
  • Custom workflow approval

    I created a workflow on a custom table that does not extend the Task table. Part of th workflow works fine, but the Approval-User activity gets stuck in execution. It is not clear how to "approve" a request to enable ...
    Laszlo Zeke
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  • How can I add the "Add to Update Set Button" to my config pages?

    I see a bunch of screenshots on the community forms where admins have an Add To Update Set button on configuration records, is this part of a plugin or a custom add?   Matt Saxton
    Josh Tessaro
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  • Ref Qualifier on Filter Condition

    Hello all,   I've create a new table extending 'task'. I've created a dictionary override for the ref qualifier for 'assigned_to' on the new table, so that records can only ever be assigned to members of one par...
    Jamie Wildish
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  • ODBC Connection String without DSN

    I installed the 32 bit ODBC driver 1.0.8   ALL ther documentation I have found so far realtes to the use of DSNs to connect. Is there any way I can just use a normal connection string instead of having to deal ...
    Simon Bushell
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  • Groups for password reset

    Hi,   I need to setup two separate password reset processes, but I noticed that I can only separate them by Groups.  Our users are either "Employees" or "Non-employees" and what differentiates them is their...
    Maria De La Cruz
    created by Maria De La Cruz
  • Docusign

    I require help for docusign integration. I am calling the docusign web service:https://www.docusign.net/api/3.0/schema/dsapi.wsdl   Where should i enter the integrator Key. I am not sure how should i connect to t...
    Aniket Aniket
    created by Aniket Aniket
  • DocuSign web service integration

    Has anyone successfully build a ServiceNow and DocuSign web service integration? I am able connecting to DocuSign using the SoapUI but fail with ServiceNow. Thank you in advance for any tips or help. Getting the foll...
    Jason Lin
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  • How to replicate or edit the Fuji splash screen

    I am looking for the UI page that displayed the Fuji splash screen, we want to see if we can modify it to be used as a new user scplash screen or welcome screen that would be displayed once for all users.   The ...
    Josh Tessaro
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  • Should adding a field take more than 10 minutes?

    When adding or modifying a field, it takes an excessively long time. Many times in a sub-prod instance, the system times out (see attachment) but the changes are there after the time out. For example, today at 4:10 ED...
    Tim Williamson
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  • Email to assignment group has no recipients

    I want to automatically send an email to an assignment group if an incident has been assigned to that group. I believe this is an out-of-box notification, and while my emails are showing up in the log, they are all se...
    Jonny Dowdall
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  • Set Language Login SSO on url

    Hello!   Using SSO Login, how set language (not show Language Picker)?   Ex.:   Https://<Instance_name>.service-now.com?SM_USER=xxxxxx&<Language_Tag>=<Tag_Value>
    Joao Fink
    created by Joao Fink