• How to disable UI Action in Related List

    Hi,   I would like to disable the UI Action 'New' on a Related List when a particular field of the main table has a specific value.   Have a look at the screenshot below here (in red the Ui Action). I hav...
    Lorenzo Teodori
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  • Custom Portal - CMS

    Hi all,   I am looking to create a custom portal.   Rather than edit the existing CSS, I would like to implement our own CSS, using a DIV based layout, rather than the table based layout currently in place...
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  • How to ensure correct values sent with form?

    Hi,   I have a form with two fields with datatype'True/False' (in the image above  they are called Budget DAST and Buget di CdC). I would like to prevent that a user is able to set both the fields to true (...
    Lorenzo Teodori
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  • Communicate SCCM from SNow via WebService - Feasible?

    I have got a requirement to automate software installation through SCCM (2007 R2/12) and send back the installation status to ServiceNow. I know this could be possibly done through Runbook/ServiceNow Orchestration, bu...
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  • How can I generate a notification from a UI action button?

    Hello, I am trying to set up a new UI Action called 'Send MTI Notification' on our incident form. When this button is clicked I want it to generate a pop-up window which contains the exact information that will go o...
    Charles Russell
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  • Inconsistent result from SOAP calls

    I am getting different results from identical SOAP calls to pm_project_task. The specific problem is the duration of the task is set to one day when it should be 12 days in the example below.   When I issue the ...
    Richard Lincoln
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  • SCOM integration problem. Service-Now to SCOM does not work

    Hello, I have the Service-Now SCOM Connector configured on both my SCOM server and MID server. Alerts from SCOM are being sent to Service-Now and even updated from Service-Now with the Incident Number. However, when ...
    Tyler Pullins
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  • Error to Update incident record with sys_id

    When I am going to update a record using the sys_id field and setting the field value fbfdb9993134a00010cb8cdb07d4cea8 ,I am getting following error "com.glide.processors.soap.SOAPProcessingException: Web service upd...
    Sandip Chakrabarti
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  • How to perform a join  from 2 related tables in a rest uri?

    Hi, I am trying to integrate our system with Service Now. I am interested only in cmdb tables. Can someone help me if I could use a rest uri to join 2 or more tables.   Thanks Deepak
    Deepak Rao
    created by Deepak Rao
  • Customize column header labels in general

    How can I customize (personalize) or translate the labels of the columns in a specific list? This could be very helpful in lists with reference fields. Let's say you have a detail table with the fields name and shortc...
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  • How do you edit the roles on the User using the API?

    I have written a program to maintain the user records in this it removes roles from users that are no longer with IT, or when creating new users if they are in IT they get some base roles.   Code:    ...
    Jay Jensen
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  • Need to send notification if someone replies to an Approval, rather than Approves or Rejects it

    In a workflow I am using, we have approvals going out to non-Itil users. They are provided with a link in the approval to either Approve or Reject. However, they occasionally use the "Reply" option in Outlook. This do...
    Nanette Luoma
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  • Is there a way to rollback just *one* rejection?

    Hi all,   I am editing a workflow to potentially incorporate a rollback.   We have a step of CAB Approval which involves a variety of individuals. When one individual rejects, the change is marked as Rejec...
    Tess Erickson
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  • I am a creator – PDF Document Generator - Walter Brame

    PDF Document Generator is used by the ServiceNow, Inc. sales organization and is a generic HTML form creation and PDF Document generation framework.  The framework supports creating HTML forms and PDF files using...
    Walter Brame
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  • Script error when trying to print Incidents

    Hi all,   We are seeing an error when attempting to print a paper copy of Incidents. This script error does not show on the form itself in the tool - only when in the Print Preview screen, or when printed out. &...
    Tess Erickson
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  • Attaching Custom PDF to incident and to Email

    Hi ,   Recently my client came up with following requirement.   1. Have a UI button 2. On click of this UI button create custom PDF file. (with incident details and some calculations.) 3. Attach this PDF...
    Tejas Sarnobat
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  • How to verify reference data in a Transform Map

    Hi all, I'm trying to import data from an excel file to a target table using Import Sets and Transform Maps. Target table has a field (Person) that references system table users .   My intent is to verify the ...
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  • Applying Template to Catalog Item / Record Producer

    Hi, Is there currently a way to apply pre defined templates to a Record Producer form ? We are currently on Berlin Patch 8 version. Thanks, Mayank
    Mayank Agarwal
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  • How to remove a slushbucket restriction

    We currently have implemented a Related Items widget on our Incident form and have it rigged so we can relate to Changes and other INcidents. When viewing the Slushbucket to create relationships, the default filter i...
    Sandy Seegers
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  • ess login issue

    Hi,   I m working on Calgary release(patch 3-hot fix 1) in content management . Where in the log in page when wrong id and password enters then its redirecting me to "Welcome.do" page instead it should redirect ...
    Akshat Chawla
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