Why become an Expert?

Expert is a relative term. An expert needs to have both expertise and experience.

Being an expert means

  • Competent in your field
  • Knowing enough to help others and accomplish your goals
  • Respected by your peers


How can I prepare myself to become an Expert?

You can start off by creating a variety of content on the Community like documents,  blogs, and videos. You may also begin by responding to questions with the correct answers and participating in the Ask the Expert program series. Your goal is to differentiate yourself from fellow members. You can also enhance your professional skills and abilities by offering advise to other members. Build your confidence and feel good by collaborating regularly and productively to produce rich, highly relevant content and the relevant content in turn will attract people in need of such content.

What content is worth providing?

To build professional reputation contribute content to the Community to gain respect and recognition for your expertise. Ask yourself, "What are the most frequently asked questions on the community?" Pick up a topic within your area of interest and create a document or a blog that addresses a particular issue. Ensure feedback from members to uncover opportunities for improvement.

How can I spread the word out?

Give people a sense of your expertise by sharing your content and resources.  Be a connector - be helpful, express your opinion, share your advice and suggestions, and recommend resources. If you have your blogs and/or documents on the community, link them back to your resources. Community members will feel inspired to contact you for more information.

Do I need to get any followers?

The key is to leave a lasting impression with your work that endorses your reputation as an expert. Having hundreds of followers or likes is not the end game, you want to come up in the search results.

How can I make time for all this?

Becoming an expert over time is like taking a course to build your career. You shall reap the results in the long run! Focus on your goals and balance between what you learn and what you practice.