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In July, ServiceNow Community hosted 5 Ask the Expert Sessions. Here are the summaries with Q&A highlights of each session. These sessions are available on-demand to watch at your convenience. And, if you still have questions regarding the topic, you can still post them in the discussion thread to get answers directly from the experts!



1.    Live ChatWorkflow & Orchestration | Troubleshooting & Best Practices

2.    Live Chat - TechNow | Eureka Notifications

3.    Live Chat -  Discovery | Troubleshooting and Best Practices

4.    Webinar - Define, Automate and Govern IT Infrastructure

5.    Webinar - IT Service & Operations Management - ADM vs. SDM




I. Live Chat - Workflow & Orchestration | Troubleshooting & Best Practices

Expert: Russ Sarbora

Summary: Expert addressed common issues customers are experiencing with Workflow & Orchestration, showed how to solve common problems with the workflow scratchpad, and shared workarounds.


Q&A Highlights:

ChadLockwood asks:

I have found that I can make changes to workflow activities by going to Workflow > Workflow Versions, opening the workflow from the list, selecting the Workflow Activities tab, then opening the activity from the list. I am able to make and save changes that do appear in the Workflow Editor, without having to checkout/publish the workflow. Is there any risk to making changes this way?


Russ Sarbora answers:

There is definitely some risk, and we don't recommend it. Editing Activities that way will bypass the workflow validation checks, so its possible to create a broken workflow. You will also be changing the activity's behavior for any in-flight contexts, which may or may not be what you intended to happen. The checkout/publish model protects you from those issues.



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II. Live Chat - TechNow | Eureka Notifications

Expert: Chuck Tomasi & Andrew Kincaid

Summary: Experts provided guidance on the improvements made to notifications in Eureka. Viewers learned about full HTML support, how scripting is handled, how to debug outbound email issues, and how to convert legacy notifications on demand.


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III. Live Chat - Discovery | Troubleshooting and Best Practices


Expert: Aleck Lin & Amit Dhuleshia

Summary: Experts shared best practices on Discovery and answered viewer's questions regarding the topic.

    • Scheduling and custom probe
    • Best Practices


Q&A Highlights:

Melinda Atkeisson asks:

Is it bad practice to turn off specific sensors in order to keep software installations from feeding into the system?  We are hesitant to allow this data to load until we decide whether to purchase a data normalization tool, such as BDNA.


Aleck Lin answers:

It's fine to turn off software probe/sensor. In fact, there's a property in the Discovery Properties page that already allows you to turn off Installed software probes automatically.


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IV. Webinar - Define, Automate and Govern IT Infrastructure with ServiceNow Configuration Automation

Expert: Brian Hollandsworth, Ben Yukich, & Rebecca Dias


Summary: Viewers learned to

    • Automate the configuration of IT infrastructure using Puppet and Chef
    • Drive configuration changes from the CMDB
    • Respond quickly to configuration change requests using a service catalog
    • Incorporate change management and other processes to ensure compliance


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V. Webinar - IT Service & Operations Management…. The Distinction between ADM and SDM


Expert: Bob Johnson, Stu Curtis, & Craig McDonogh

Summary: What does ‘true’ SDM mean … and how does it differ from application dependency mapping (ADM)?  This webinar will focus on better understanding Application vs Service Dependency Mapping by analyzing the capabilities of our newest portfolio member: ServiceNow ServiceWatch.

    • Differences between ADM and service modeling
    • Surgically mapping applications + infrastructure to specific business services
    • Best practices for mapping services in hours, not days
    • How to determine which components are actually important for availability and performance
    • Use cases that employ a topological analysis of business services
    • Effectively managing availability of critical business services


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