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In January, ServiceNow Community hosted two Ask the Expert Sessions. Here are the summaries with Q&A highlights of each session. These sessions are available on-demand to watch at your convenience. And, if you still have questions regarding the topic, you can still post them in the discussion thread to get answers directly from the experts!




1.    Live Chat -  Secrets of Certifications and Tips for Training

2.    Live Chat -  Managing the Asset Life-Cycle





I. Live Chat | Secrets of Certifications and Tips for Training

Expert:  Sean McClean


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Summary:  In this session, Sean discusses Certifications, and Trainings and how to use them.  Perhaps even more importantly, he will talk about the tools and resources that you could and should be using to not only get certified, but to go beyond certification to Value - Whether it's ITIL, SNAdmin, PMP, or ScrumMaster, or the next and newest certification - it's less about the cert or the class, and much more about how you get and use it.  He addressed how to prepare, study, learn and most importantly, how to leverage that certification, stamp, or badge to get more out if it.


Sean is an ITIL V2 and V3 expert, and he's had the opportunity to contribute to many different certification boards, ranging from Exin (ITIL) to Chauncy Group (responsible for tests like SAT and CTT) and many others. He's been engaged in training and learning communities around the world and just about every medium he can find addressing and learning about certification, training and education, and new technologies for almost 20 years, but most importantly - he has a passion for it.


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II.  Live Chat | Managing the Asset Life-Cycle



Expert: Jim Claussen


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Summary: Properly managing the end to end life-cycle of your asset can make the difference between cutting costs or wasting valuable IT dollars. In ServiceNow, the life-cycle includes tracking the asset in Asset Management, but it also means expanding the asset life-cycle to include other processes such as Request, Configuration, Procurement, and Contract.

This session covered an overview of the basic capabilities that come with ServiceNow as well as some important considerations on how to set it all up. These are the topics Jim covered:


    • Asset Life Cycle – End to end life-cycle flow in ServiceNow
    • Non-IT assets – Guidance on how to extend Asset management for non-IT assets
    • Helpful Tips – Review of some helpful tips such as setting up default data and setting up the product catalog

          Shivraj Vichare asks:

          I am curious to know your perspective on how important the CMDB is when it comes to managing the Asset Life-Cycle.

         Jim Claussen answers:

          I think CMDB and Asset Management go hand in hand. The asset lifecycle, in my opinion, is broken up into three main categories - procurement, deployment and disposal. I think CMDB plays a big part in the deployment phase.  It provides key data for software asset management, validation of use in the environment and reporting (assets by OS, RAM, etc).


          David Klimas asks:

          How have you seen other customers set up their Model Categories for Mobile Phones and Tablets?

         Jim Claussen answers:

          Yes.  Asset management for mobile devices is a popular topic. We do have some customers that have built out model categories for mobile devices.

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