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In July, ServiceNow Community hosted two Ask the Expert | Live Chat sessions. Here are the summaries with Q&A highlights. These sessions are available on-demand to watch at your convenience. And, if you still have questions regarding the topic, you can still post them in the discussion thread to get answers directly from the experts!


Live Chat | Events in Workflow

Live Chat | Assets and Models and CIs, Oh My!


Expert: Russ Sarbora, Product Expert, Developer, Automation Services/Orchestration

Join Russ Sarbora in this session where he will cover how workflows and workflow activities respond to events. We’ll discuss the event lifecycle for an activity, wait states in a workflow and how events wake the flow, and how to register for and fire custom events.

Russ Sarbora is a Senior Developer on the Automation Services/Workflow team. He has been with the company for 3+ years, focusing on the Orchestration and Workflow platforms.

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Expert: Ben Sweetser ServiceNow Senior Curriculum Developer and Trainer

Do you struggle with the difference between Assets and Configuration Items? And why do we need Model records? Isn’t that just another thing to maintain? Get a better understanding of these items, how they are different, and how they work together in this session with Ben Sweetser.

Ben Sweetser is a ServiceNow "old timer" with experience on the full platform with focus on Asset and Configuration Management and Automation, such as Orchestration and Discovery.


Q & A Highlights

David Klimas What is your recommendation on tracking virtual servers?  Do not create an asset and only create a CI and expose the install_status field on the CI for status tracking?
Ben Sweetser David, Yes, this is a good way to handle this unless you have a scenario where you want to work with chargebacks for the virtual servers. Just track the operational data in the CI. This will get you what you need for both Configuration Management and Software Asset Management.

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