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In August, ServiceNow Community hosted five Ask the Expert | Live Expert Chat sessions. Here are the summaries

These sessions are available on-demand to watch at your convenience. And, if you still have questions regarding the topic, you can still post them in the discussion thread to get answers directly from the experts!


Live Chat | Bridging ITSM with ITOM

Expert Dialogue : Highlights of Real-Life Configurations of PPM for I.T. Requests

Let's Process the Power of Processors | TechNow Live Expert Chat

Scoped Applications - Fuji : Ask the Expert with Pradeep Sharma

Create Your First App on the ServiceNow Platform, Part 1 : CreateNow Expert Chat


Expert: Jesse Schulman, Sr. Developer, Automation Services/Orchestration

This discussion focuses on how to build a server triage automation that is triggered from the Incident form. The video provides an example of triggering an Orchestration workflow directly from a UI Action on the Incident table that will collect triage related information from the server CI impacted by the Incident being reported. 

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Experts: Kelly Kaufmann, Etta Wilson, and Michelle Wenning

Organization I.T. departments receive requests of all sizes and types - from small requests for changes to an application's drop-down menu options, to requests for large software implementation projects. These requests need processes for in-taking, reviewing, approving & prioritizing, and managing. Sometimes organizations use the same process for all types of requests, and sometimes organizations create different processes. During this panel discussion, 3 PPM super-users will review several real-life examples of how they are using ServiceNow in different ways to support their organization's processes for I.T. request intake/review/approval/prioritization/managing.

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Experts: Chuck Tomasi & Kreg Steppe

Chuck and Kreg dig deep in to one of the most powerful and flexible features of ServiceNow - processors. Processors provide an end-point (URL) allowing you to format ServiceNow data in almost any way imaginable. You are likely already using processors and not even aware of them. We'll show you some common usage and then demonstrate how to unleash this amazing feature.

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Expert: Pradeep Sharma

Watch the demo on how to create a scoped application from scratch on Fuji. Pradeep will also give a brief introduction on ServiceNow Store and how to publish an scoped applications to store.
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Experts: Patrick DeMartine & Chris Maloy,

This CreateNow Expert session will introduce the resources available on ServiceNow Developers walk through the essential elements of the ServiceNow Platform, and then dive straight into a hands-on demo of creating a cloud-native app.  The CreateNow Expert Series will cover all aspects of app development and integration on the ServiceNow Platform with the goal to inform and make developers more productive.

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