The ServiceNow MVP Program recognizes the top individual contributors in ServiceNow's online community. ServiceNow MVPs are well known by the collective community for their product expertise and consistent contributions. ServiceNow MVPs demonstrate a commitment to engage, guide, and share expertise with their peers. They are independent of ServiceNow and represent the voice of the community. The ServiceNow MVP award is our appreciation for the the sizable influence and technical credibility these members demonstrated in 2016.


The ServiceNow Leader Program is our bi-yearly recognition of top ranked contributors on ServiceNow's community leaderboards. The leaderboards display points achieved for technical knowledge demonstrated in the community. The ServiceNow Leader status is granted to employees and non-employees, based on achievement.




2017 MVP Class


2017 January Leaders


Abhinay E

Michael Fry

Steve Bell

Kalaiarasan P

Robert Fedoruk

Deepa Srivastava

Mike Allen

Berny Alvarado

Srinivas Thelu

Goran Lundqvist

Mihir Mohanta

Deepak Ingale

Deepak Kumar

Brian Dailey

Anurag Tripathi


Chuck Tomasi

Pradeep Sharma

Brad Tilton

Ben Sweetser

Michael Ritchie

Sergiu Panaite

Geoffrey Sage

John Chun

Jim Coyne

Gurpreet Singh

Tanumony Paul

Lars Tange

Dinesh Penumetcha

Anurag Jain



Please join me in congratulating our awardees.