As an IT Pro, I’m sure you can relate to this scenario. Your team has been tasked with moving from an older solution to a newer one. But there’s a catch, you will have no help from your new solution providers’ professional services team, and the new solution has to be a copy of the old one in terms of process and functionality, so that it’s familiar to end users. Easy, right? Not quite.


Recently we had the pleasure of working with a multinational financial services corporation based in the United States. The IT team at this company was given a mandate to move from a legacy ITSM solution, to ServiceNow. Initially they attempted to do this on their own, by trying to lift and shift the whole solution from their previous platform, to ServiceNow, thinking that the processes would be replicated in their new environment. Reality set in, and the migration wasn’t successful, resulting in an unmaintainable environment. This is when they decided to engage ServiceNow’s Global Services team for help.


With the ServiceNow team brought into the fold to assist with their move to ITSM, they started out by helping this organization set up a new Service Catalog as the old one was failing. We did this by simplifying workflows and changing the back end, but leaving most of the front-end the same which provided the continuity for their end users that they were looking to keep in place.  To achieve their desired state, the ServiceNow team took 60 plus catalog items, revamped their workflows, and their approval workflow, allowing for easy maintenance of the platform, and making it easy for the company to grow without having to constantly transform their IT processes.


After going live in a short 5 months, they are now able to easily add, update and remove service and asset requests in a matter of hours (rather than weeks) which is aligned to the rapid change that their customer are looking for. This has helped them increase their customer satisfaction, and increased the efficiency of their IT team.


This is just one example of how ServiceNow’s professional services team’s guidance and expertise, helped a large organization move from a legacy solution, with minimal disruption.


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