• How to refer a  javascript block written in an ui script  within a dynamic content?

    i have created an ui page named as abc and i included javascript code in that. Now i want to refer the page from a dynamic content block. How to do that?
    Ranadip Kar
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  • How to query a string containing spaces and special charachters to a particular field record within a table?

    Hi I have a string field named as "abc, efg@IUS , poc". I want to fetch all the records from the table "xyz" having field "opq"="abc, efg@IUS , poc" by querieing with that particular string field?? Please note that th...
    Ranadip Kar
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  • backround color through business rule script

    Hi Friends,   I want to change the backround color of a field through a script in business rule. The below code is not working under business rule script. Any help will be appreciated.     Client Scri...
    Srikanth Bala
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  • How can I enter time in the Mobile interface?

    My company is interested in having our field techs use the Mobile interface, but I cannot figure out how to enter time. Any ideas?
    Marc Cummins
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  • Remove ORDER NOW button in service catalog

    I want to remove order now button in service catalog and create submit button in it.can anyone please help me.
    m srishilpa
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  • IT Leaders: Take Your Marketing Counterparts to Lunch (and/or Out for Drinks)!

    One of my favorite and most respected members of the punditocracy is Michael Krigsman. If you aren't following him and his musings, you should be. Here's my take on a recent example of why.   In an insightful re...
    Michael Dortch
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  • Navigation Favorites do not Save

    Hello,   Is there a way to make the Nav pane starred filters stay on permanently? Every time I open a new instance of SN, i have to reselect the filtering. Is there a preference that can be set? Thanks,...
    Lori Berthold
    created by Lori Berthold
  • Neebula + ServiceNow = a Sharper Focus for Enterprise Service Management

    You know what's really cool about cats' eyes? Their motion-detection abilities.   Basically, when cats look out over an area – the African veldt, your kitchen floor – what they see that's not moving ...
    Michael Dortch
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  • How to convert .txt file to .zip file using script

    Hi,   I have an issue while converting a .txt file to .zip file through script. Actual, requirement is "whenever .txt file is attached to a ticket, we need to convert that .txt file to .zip file." For that , i ...
    Prasanna Kumar Duvvuri
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  • Adopting PRINCE2 with PPM

    Dear All,   I am looking for any resources that is specifically designed for PRINCE2 in ServiceNOW ppm. For example, is there any pre-defined workflow for PRINCE2? It is because we want to use PPM according to P...
    Winnie Leung
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  • Dear ITIL, Please Kill Off The Configuration Management "Process"

    Ah configuration management, the foundation of great IT service management (ITSM).   Or at least that was what we were being told circa 2008-9 by eager ITSM tool vendors, with pricey CMDB software to sell, on the...
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  • Anybody knows how to use for loop in j2 tag or g2 tag?

    Anybody knows how to use for loop in j2 tag or g2 tag?   --------------------------code---------------------     <g2:evaluate var="test"> for(i=0;i<arr.length;i++) { var j=new GlideRecord(...
    Ranadip Kar
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  • Does anyone knows how to remove multiple occurences of a string within an array?

    Does anyone knows how to remove multiple occurance of a string within an array  in javascrpt?
    Ranadip Kar
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  • What’s The Future Of ITSM?

    “What’s the future of IT service management (ITSM)?” It’s probably the wrong question, as the future of ITSM probably doesn’t involve the acronym “ITSM.” But, before Christmas...
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  • Think “Consumerization Of Service” Over “Consumerization Of IT”

    According to Wikipedia, the Consumerization of IT will, somewhat amazingly, be 10 years old this June; and of course everything we read on the internet is true. Again quoting Wikipedia:   “Consumerization ...
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  • LDAP Using ADFS

    Hi,   We are planning to authenticate using LDAP, but our LDAP server don't have a public IP. How should we proceed:- The conventional approach in our mind is:- 1. Use SSL certificate, open a port and ask netw...
    Ayush Saxena
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  • DevOops We Did It Again? What DevOps Should Learn From ITIL

    At the end of 2013 I read a DevOps blog/article which stated that a big issue with DevOps is that:   “DevOps is just a bit too much Ops and not quite enough Dev.”   Which was odd IMO as I’...
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    Pardon me for this question but has anyone been using the IT cost management application from ServiceNow?
    Randy Tangco
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  • How to put target="_blank" at a time for all knowledge article item hyperlinks?

    Hi All,   I have query regarding Knowledge Management. I have some knowledge articles. In those article, I directly enter one hyper link in textarea. If we click in view article and click the link it will open i...
    Prasanna Kumar Duvvuri
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  • Workload trend report (time-of-day, day-of-week)

    I just thought I would share something I recently discovered after 6 years of using ServiceNow. Did you know that you can pull a trend chart to show the load balance of incidents created grouped by the time-of-day or...
    William Sun
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