• This is Not a Love Letter

    Every work environment is different, and people experience the same environment in diverse ways. Reflecting on the past 2 years, there are a few things that have made my experience at ServiceNow exceptional.   &n...
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  • How to start studying service now

    At this time, I am working in asp.net. But I want to learn service now.  what should the way of study to learn service now.
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  • Group notification not working only for on member of that group

    Hi,    There is a email notification to send the mail to the group members whenever a new task is assigned to it. (Request task assigned to group) All the group members are receiving the mail whenever a new ...
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  • Road to Asset Knowledge

    The more I work with customers and teach our Asset Management course, the more I come across useful little tidbits related to asset management that I believe many organizations can use. Because most of these tasks nee...
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  • How can I enter time in the Mobile interface?

    My company is interested in having our field techs use the Mobile interface, but I cannot figure out how to enter time. Any ideas?
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  • SITS14 – It’s Not Your Average ITSM Or Service Desk Show

    April is a busy month for IT service management (ITSM) industry events. We’ve already had the annual HDI conference in the US and the end of April sees two more: the Service Desk and IT Support Show (SITS) in th...
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  • Email Icon on change request dont display - only to admins - cannot find why

    Hi, After Calgary upgare our ITIL users cannot see email icon on change request tickets. Before it was possible. I have checked atributes and they are set correctly. hasWorkflow,email_client=true has any idead what c...
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  • The Evolution Of CIO And IT Challenges

    I recently did a presentation to some colleagues on what I perceived to be the current CIO challenges and trends and, in doing so, I created a list of things based on what I was hearing, seeing, and reading about. But...
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  • Enterprise City, Continued: At MetroPCS, Custom ServiceNow Apps Deliver Shared Benefits to Shared Services

    Another element common to well-run cities and well-run enterprises: they both rely upon effective, efficiently delivered shared services. In cities, these include things such as power, water, and roads and streets. In...
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  • IT Service Management (ITSM) Maturity and Cloud Computing: Correlation and Causation

    One of the great things about this modern technology stuff: interesting and unexpected interactions with smart, thoughtful people. Several weeks ago, I had a set of such interactions via Twitter with Matt Beran (@matt...
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  • We are in the process of Implementing Service Now and I was hoping someone could suggest a good training class for Service Now Reporting?

    We are in the process of Implementing Service Now and I was hoping someone could suggest a good training class for Service Now Reporting?
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    Pardon me for this question but has anyone been using the IT cost management application from ServiceNow?
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  • LDAP Using ADFS

    Hi,   We are planning to authenticate using LDAP, but our LDAP server don't have a public IP. How should we proceed:- The conventional approach in our mind is:- 1. Use SSL certificate, open a port and ask netw...
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  • system administrator exam

    I will be sitting for the servicenow system administrator exam week after next. To help with preparation, I'd be grateful if you would be able to provide any hints, tips, tricks, study material, etc... to help me prep...
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  • Facing duplicate SLA triggering due to Packages.com.glide.schedules.Schedule() code. How to fix?

    When P1 incident is raised I need to check whether it is raised inside the schedule or out side. For that I have used following code in script include. var schedule = current.u_sla_configuration.u_schedule;  &n...
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  • DevOops We Did It Again? What DevOps Should Learn From ITIL

    At the end of 2013 I read a DevOps blog/article which stated that a big issue with DevOps is that:   “DevOps is just a bit too much Ops and not quite enough Dev.”   Which was odd IMO as I’...
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  • Workflow restart using background script

    Hi All,   How to Workflow restart using background script.   I have four activity like A B C D and my activity stop on C activity,so that i want restart my activity from B Activity, then go to D and finish...
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  • getting the error 'There are no workflow contexts for this document'

    Hi,   I have created an order guide which has multiple options to select the items for next stage. when the request is submitted, the status is 'Not yet requested"  and when checked on the workflow its sho...
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  • What's New In The ServiceNow Dublin Release?

    Ah Dublin, often quoted as a favorite city or one that’s near the top of a global traveler’s bucket list – who wouldn’t want to sample the beauty, history, culture, food, and people of the city...
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  • ITIL in 2014: The Results Of A Global AXELOS Survey

    The annual Pink Elephant conference was a busy time for AXELOS. Not only did it announce new staff and a new cybersecurity offering, AXELOS also ran two sessions: one on the ITIL* roadmap and another about how they ha...
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