• Tag! You're it!

    How do you create your asset tags? Do you get them from an asset tag vendor? Do you create your own? How do you create your own? One question I have received on occassion is "Can't ServiceNow automatically create an a...
    created by bsweetser
  • How to start studying service now

    At this time, I am working in asp.net. But I want to learn service now.  what should the way of study to learn service now.
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  • Road to Asset Knowledge

    The more I work with customers and teach our Asset Management course, the more I come across useful little tidbits related to asset management that I believe many organizations can use. Because most of these tasks nee...
    created by bsweetser
  • Import of Word Documents to ServiceNow Knowledge base

    I am trying to import Word Documents to ServiceNow Knowledge Articles with out losing any images. I have tried using the Word Cleaner and SED installs without any success. Is there any fix that works?
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  • How can I enter time in the Mobile interface?

    My company is interested in having our field techs use the Mobile interface, but I cannot figure out how to enter time. Any ideas?
    created by MarcMan007
  • Date Time Fields in Email notification scripts.

    Hi, we are using a mail script notification to send date time field values like 'Date Opened' & task SLA - Planned End Date time. Date opened field is showing proper time of ticket creation in PDT time zone as d...
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  • Extract incident table schema using SOAP web servie

    Hello all   I am new to Service Now. Can any one please help me to export the table schema using SOAP.   Thanks in advance
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  • Preparing to speak at Knowledge? What are the most important 10 minutes of your presentation?

    I drafted a text-based post to discuss some tips on preparing for a presentation but then one of my developers - Pamela Olomola - decided to turn it into an infographic. Click the graphic to check out the details!
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  • ServiceNow Education Services Course Catalog

    For those of you who are more visual, we created an infographic that displays our course catalog:
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  • One Does not Simply Walk into Mordor

    Start your Knowledge14 Journey at Pre-Conference Training   With over 9 classes running, 36+ classrooms, and as I write this, almost full enrollment, Pre-conference training is your gateway to a week of incredib...
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  • We are in the process of Implementing Service Now and I was hoping someone could suggest a good training class for Service Now Reporting?

    We are in the process of Implementing Service Now and I was hoping someone could suggest a good training class for Service Now Reporting?
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  • How Order is Converting to Request in Service Catalog?

    Hai All      I am new to service now. I have a doubt like, when order is placed how it is converting to Service request? What is the Back-end Process behind this. Help me.
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  • Servicenow asset manager - Active Directory integration

    Dear all,   In our company we are using ServiceNow as the asset manager CMDB for our computer objects. For the operational management and security of the computer obejcts we are using Microsoft Active Directory...
    created by krisamourette

    Pardon me for this question but has anyone been using the IT cost management application from ServiceNow?
    created by tangcov
  • LDAP Using ADFS

    Hi,   We are planning to authenticate using LDAP, but our LDAP server don't have a public IP. How should we proceed:- The conventional approach in our mind is:- 1. Use SSL certificate, open a port and ask netw...
    created by ayush.saxena
  • system administrator exam

    I will be sitting for the servicenow system administrator exam week after next. To help with preparation, I'd be grateful if you would be able to provide any hints, tips, tricks, study material, etc... to help me prep...
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  • Project Management Training

    Hello, Can anyone direct me to a webinar or some type of on-line training to learn how to best use the Project Management application? Looking to find other ways to learn besides the books in the wiki. Thanks. Troy ...
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  • Facing duplicate SLA triggering due to Packages.com.glide.schedules.Schedule() code. How to fix?

    When P1 incident is raised I need to check whether it is raised inside the schedule or out side. For that I have used following code in script include. var schedule = current.u_sla_configuration.u_schedule;  &n...
    last modified by ajay4ajy
  • getting the error 'There are no workflow contexts for this document'

    Hi,   I have created an order guide which has multiple options to select the items for next stage. when the request is submitted, the status is 'Not yet requested"  and when checked on the workflow its sho...
    last modified by RahulAshar
  • Upload file...is not an authorized file extension

    I added txt to the System Properties > Security > list of file extensions that can be attached without a '.' . When I attach the .txt file, I get a 'txt is not an authorized file extension'. Using Calagry. I we...
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