IT and Support Teams are constantly changing and evolving and who was once in charge of patching and upgrading instances, may be on a different project, team, or even no longer with the company.  So to ensure your company is receiving critical updates regarding patching and upgrades planned on your instances, we encourage you to review your contact roles often and keep them up to date. 


It's very easy to view and update your contact roles by going to the HI Service Portal and navigate to "Manage Company Profile."  Under the "All Contacts" box you can select each role and this will display the person assigned to that contact role.  


We send notifications out to the below roles and will remove duplicates if the same person's name is populated in each role, so we do recommend that you populate the roles with a unique point of contact to ensure multiple people in your organization are aware of the patching and upgrade schedule.


Contact Role Details:

  • Primary Business Contact, Primary Support Contact,and Primary Technical Contact roles receive notifications for all Patching and Upgrade communications. We recommend customers populate each role with a unique name in order for multiple people within an organization to be aware of the patching schedules.
  • Communication or Notification roles:  Some customers have a larger group of people who need to be notified. In this scenario, using the Communication or Notification roles supports multiple contacts and allows for a larger distribution list.
  • The Primary Customer Admin role is responsible for maintaining the contact roles within the Company Profile in the HI Service Portal and will be notified if there is no login activity for a user for more than 180 days.



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