We have another resource page for you! These pages pull together different kinds of content such as knowledge base articles, community posts, product documentation, multimedia offerings, and known error articles about a specific subject. Service Catalog continues to be a critical feature for our customers and we thought it was time to show you all of the Service Catalog resources we have available in one place.


New Service Catalog Resources page

On the resource page, you'll find links to:

  • product documentation for administrators and end users
  • extensive troubleshooting articles in our Knowledge Base
  • basic and advanced videos
  • a variety of community blog posts, including some detailed posts written by the product manager for Service Catalog, bharath.padaki@servicenow.com, and the customer experience manager for Service Catalog, rohantyagi
  • known error articles (for example, issues with cart layouts, UI policies, catalog tasks, and variables)
  • release notes (for the Helsinki, Istanbul, and Jakarta releases)




If you have not used them before, check out some of our other resources pages: