Are you swimming in a Data Lake or flowing with a Data Stream? In this episode, Allan continues discussing digital transformation and the NOW Platform’s Intelligent Automation System. Use machine learning to customize and tailor data information to your business needs to accelerate productivity and revenues.


A survey report on the State of Work reveals that work is accelerating worldwide, that greater automation is needed to cope with rising work levels, and that automation delivers financial growth.  Highly automated companies are 6x more likely to see revenue growth of 15%+


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Episode 1: What is The Enterprise Cloud and What it Means to You and Your Customers

Episode 2: The CloudCast : Redundancy and Availability on The Enterprise Cloud

Episode 3 : Cloud Security (part 1)

Episode 4: Cloud Security (Part 2) Operating Securely

Episode 5: Enterprise Cloud Architectures and Outages

Episode 6: Multi-tenant versus Multi-instance Cloud Architectures

Episode 7: The Enterprise Cloudcast: Why the Saas Model Wins, Get the Picture?

Episode 8: Knowledge 17, CreatorCon and Keynote Insights

Episode 9: Data Sovereignty

Episode 10: Digital Transformation by Allan Leinwand



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