It's a common practice to use external authentication to access ServiceNow. When accessing it on the mobile platform, however, you will probably run into some issues. That's because there is currently no supported implementation of the mobile app that can handle more than one IDP to authenticate users. Similarly, digest tokens do not work with the mobile app UI, so you cannot use the Multi-Provider SSO plugin to log in with digest tokens for the mobile app.


The KB article below explains this issue in more detail: Cannot use Multi-Provider SSO to log in with digest tokens with the mobile app (KB0623015)


We are aware of this, and until we can offer a more permanent solution for this, here is a workaround you can use. The Helsinki web versions of the mobile app have very similar features as the mobile app and can be utilised instead following the steps illustrated in the video below.


Using web versions of the mobile app to mimic Multi-Provider SSO





On your instance, ensure that the system property glide.ui.m.helsinki_mobile_enabled is set to the value true.


In the video, we see that I simply create a bookmark and display it as an icon on the mobile phones home screen. You can specify which IDP you want to use by opening up your mobile browser and utilising the following URI:


<yourInstanceName><sys_id _of_ the _identity_provider>


Replacing the tags <yourInstanceName> with the name of your instance and <sys_id _of_ the _identity_provider> with the sys_id value of the sso_properties record that represents the IDP you wish to utilise for authentication.


Thereafter, your user can log in to the mobile web application using an alternative IDP from the default or even login with a digest token. See Mobile UI for more information. Please rest assured that we here at ServiceNow are putting a lot of effort in improving our mobile user experience for our customers.