• Ask The Expert: Discovery Troubleshooting and Best Practices

    Welcome to Ask The Expert conversation. Join Alex Lin and Amit Dhulesia as they share with you Discovery troubleshooting and best practices. Each month a common issue encountered by Discovery customers will be add...
    Vidhya Srinivasan
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  • Is any one have any idea how to populate the full DNS name of device without modifying the global property to append the full DNS name with device.

    Is any one have any idea how to populate the full DNS name of device without modifying the global property to append the full DNS name with device? I want to populate the full DNS name for some of the devices in a cu...
    Saurabh Kumar
    created by Saurabh Kumar
  • Discovery - Remote Management Cards

    Does anyone use discovery to capture Remote Management Cards for servers?
    Travis Warren
    created by Travis Warren
  • Hostname and domain name in Discovery

    There were some changes made recently to the way Discovery handles hostname and domain name for a discovered device. Some customers wanted to revert back to the original way of splitting hostname and domain name so I ...
    Anders Henriksson
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  • Hardware Model table missing discovered Printer models

    Table Hardware Model [cmdb_hardware_product_model] is populated with discovered Computer Models but not Printer Models. Should discovered Printer models be populating this table or are they handled differently? Thanks
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  • Deleting all items in the CMDB.

    I have a request from several users to delete all the items in the CMDB. The idea is that we have alot of items in the CMDB which are no longer in existence that this will provide us with a clean slate.  We would...
    Steve Driscoll
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  • Move Discovery Credentials to other instance

    Hi All,   In our project we work with multiple instances, and normally for UAT purpose we do manual discovery for devices for which issues are resolved.   However user are regularly updating device credent...
    Mandar Oak
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  • PreView business Card Order

    Hi There,   Has anyone created a Request Item, where the User keys in details or a business Card, and then is able to get a preview of how it will look when printed?   I have a need for such a solution, b...
  • Discovery Credentials: SSH Private Key

    Currently, Discovery is configured to use a local account username and password for SSH to our Macs. Discovery is successful with this configuration, however, it is not the most secure option. We are attempting to use...
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  • Is it possible to enter a single Suite license to count each individual software component?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to enter a single suite license in the SAM module so that it will still count each individual component.  For instance, if I enter a single license for Microsoft Office - can SN be...
    Rebecca Curtis
    created by Rebecca Curtis
  • Mid Server Threads

    Hi All,   I'm aware that the default thread limit is 25, but is there a max? (i.e 999)   At present we are scanning around 30 offices just for windows servers and its taking around 20 hours to complete. Lo...
    Alex Robertson
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  • Warehouse CMDB and ServiceNow CMDB

    We have multiple sources that we want to feed into a "warehouse" CMDB. We also want to build a production CMDB in ServiceNow, but we will not use the ServiceNow discovery tool. Is it possible to: 1. Easily compare ...
    George Russell
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  • Discovey warning "The ChannelOutputStream is closed".

    Some of our Discovery jobs are timing out.  In the log we've seen this message several times.   Can someone explain this message?   FWIW: Our version is Glide-calgary-02-15-2013__patch3-hotfix1-11...
    Steve Driscoll
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  • Desired State vs Architecture Compliance

    What is the difference between "Desired State" and "Architecture Compliance"? They both appear to do the same thing. It appears that they even have the same modules.
    Jeremy DeVries
    created by Jeremy DeVries
  • How to get instances for team development

    Hi all,   we are currently expending our Team for the ServiceNow Development in Our company. I was happy to read about the team development functionality coming with Dublin, as this lights up challenges of coo...
    Jan Strama
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  • CI Settings/Property to disable update from Discovery

    Hi,   I have some CIs created manually in CMDB, however when Discovery started one of the CI (created manually) discovered and updated by discovery process.   I want to disable discovery update for some CI...
    Mandar Oak
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  • Regarding Discovery

    Hi Everyone,   My Query regarding Discovery process.Please find the below quires.   1) May i know how data is populated in Cmdb_ci tables and what are the fields and it will update description? 2) Then wh...
    udayakumar sivamani
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  • Configuration Items: Reporting (discovered) Changes

    Hello all, I have a little problem where I would like to know the best practice in order to achieve following request.   We have recently activated the Discovery plugin to track devices that belong to a certain...
    Michel Conter
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  • Discovery Reports

    In my deployments I'm always creating reports to filter out connection and other general errors...I've passed this along to the product folks and fingers crossed it will be OOB soon.. but if you would like here's my s...
    Doug Schulze
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  • Discovery on non-domain Windows Machines WMI Failure

    I am having an issue running discovery on machines that are either off the domain that my midserver is in or in a separate domain.  I have provided the proper credentials in the credentials table however when I t...
    Patrick Beauchemin
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