• Problem with Data Set Load of CSV attachment on test instance

    When creating a data source for an import set on a test instance of ServiceNow, I have used an attachment (CSV format). When I test load the data set I get a "Warning java.lang.NullPointerException: name can't be null...
    Andy Trayler
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  • Discovery Probes

    I am looking at our discovery as it is not too healthy I now have a windows Server scan that can bring back all the items I need except for Network Adaptors I can see the probe - Windows - Network and it is associat...
    Julian Poyntz
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  • SCCM 3.0 Plugin VS. Manual JDBC Integration Setup

    Hello, Could someone point out in a few words what are the main benefits of using the SCCM 3.0 Plugin instead of just setting up a manual JDBC integration ?Most of the setup seems to be the same (or even more restric...
    Alin Serbaneci
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  • Risk Assessment not updating Change Request Risk field value

    Hello, I've activated the Risk Assessment plugin and setup the Assessment Conditions, Assessments Thresholds, Assessment Questions and follow all the steps described in the ServiceNow Wiki (Using Change Risk Assessme...
    Axel Ortiz
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  • Discovering Cisco UCS problem

    I am running discovery against a Cisco UCS, which is failing. I am getting two messages in the log: - Unexpected end to SSH terminal connection - SSH terminal timed out while waiting for input Any advice on what the...
    Ric Hofing
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  • Discovey warning "The ChannelOutputStream is closed".

    Some of our Discovery jobs are timing out.  In the log we've seen this message several times.   Can someone explain this message?   FWIW: Our version is Glide-calgary-02-15-2013__patch3-hotfix1-11...
    Steve Driscoll
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  • How to Populate CI Location Based on IP Address

    We would like to populate our CIs based on the ip address. For instance, if the CI's ip address is, the ".6" means that CI is physically located in our Washington DC office.
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  • Adding AS400 to Discovery

    Out of box, ServiceNow does not give us the ability to scan and classify AS400 devices. However, if your AS400 administrator is willing to open SSH on the boxes, then you can create probes and sensors to do the work j...
    Dustin Turner
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  • sys_class_name not available to map

    while creating webservice transform map , I could not get the sys_class_name field in cmdb_ci table . That is the Class field is not showing in the dropdown to include in the mapping assist on transform map . It is no...
    tanya7 shaw
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  • Where do you recommend website info is added to application CI's?

    Hi.  This is my first post, so be kind!  I'm fielding questions about getting related website information added to application CIs.  Is there a recommended approach for this?  We were thinking of a...
    Diana Gaskin
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  • SAN / NAS discovery and HBA discovery on server side

    Hi, I am new to SNOW discovery, using Calgary release. Has anyone discovered SAN/NAS devices in this release?   Also I have successfully discovered Hitachi VSP devices. But don't finding any relationship of s...
    S M
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  • Best way to add serial number through sensor script

    Hi,   We have created custom probe and sensor and are adding the serial number as follows,   var snm = new SerialNumberManager(); snm.add('chassis', chassisSerialNumber); current.serial_number = snm.getS...
  • I am try to fetch limited columns of a table on a oracle database using a direct JDBCProbe but it is returning me all the columns of the table.

    I am try to fetch limited columns of a table on a oracle database using a direct JDBCProbe but it is returning me all the columns of the table. As per wiki article, https://wiki.servicenow.com/index.php?title=JDBCProb...
    Kshitij Tripathi
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  • vCenter Discovery

    I was exploring vCenter discovery last week and I did the following. - Created a credential with read access to the vCenter - Include the credential in my Service Now instance credential table and chose "VMWARE" for t...
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  • Importing rows using Transform Map, but trying to ignore duplicates

    I created an Import Set and Transform Map trying to import the rows from an excel spreadsheet to a Security Access Table.  I can get them all to insert, but when I changed Choice action to reject & Coalesce t...
    Andy Maier
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  • Limit the quantity of the cart_ SERVICE CATALOG

    What is the best practice and most useful way to Limit the cart to only have item have 1 quantity?
    Jason Humphrey
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  • Catalog discovery for Postgres & Oracle

    Hi Members, I am new to Service Now Discovery so please spare my mistakes and take me as New Learner. As we now that regarding Database catalog, MS sQL - dicovered by default. Please let me know do Service Now also...
    vijay dahiya
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  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 discovery

    Amongst our fleet of servers we have several older machines with Windows 2000 O/S and running SQL Server 2000. Of the four servers that exist all four are being discovered by the windows probes however the Windows - G...
    Mark Sonter
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  • Custom Discovery Schedule by day

    Has anyone ever tried to schedule a discovery only on certain days of the week? The schedule only seems to allow daily, weekly, periodically, but not allow you to choose specific days. I have a department that wants t...
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  • Real-Time Dashboard Analytics

    Good Afternoon,   I figured some of you may find this of interest.   My  company XCEND in addition to being a ServiceNow partner has designed our own unique real-time dashboard solution MetriX. As yo...
    David Abbott
    created by David Abbott