• Question of Eureka upgrade and packages.com removal activity

    I am ready to take the leap to Eureka from Calgary but I still need to perform the packages.com removal action from my scripts.  I would definitely perform the upgrade in Development first and I was wondering if ...
    Mark Laucus
    created by Mark Laucus
  • Ticket attachments via inbound actions (Lotus Notes)

    We are implement inbound actions for create tickets via inbound emails. We are having issues with attachments and embedding images on the email body being transferred to the ticket. When emails are sent from Outlook, ...
    created by dhale
  • passing an array to a workflow.scratchpad

    I have a workflow that is used as a sub workflow. I normally pass a number of variables from the instigating workflow to the sub workflow. All nice and easy as so far it is just a single value each time.   An ...
    Julian Poyntz
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  • SDLC within ServiceNow for update sets: How do you manage?

    So long time reader, first time poster :-P. My question is more a general topic of experience and what other firms are doing to manage update sets. I've read many posts from Service Now regarding the SDLC lifecycle th...
    Howard Rohman
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  • Rewrite GlideSysAttachment.copy

    Hello,   I should rewrite a custom version of GlideSysAttachment.copy Copy Attachments from Record to Record - ServiceNow Wiki   My goal is to copy only attachment that have a custom flag "IsPrivate" to fa...
    Thibault Richard
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  • Can multiple carts be created for multiple Catalogs?

    Hi all,   In Eureka, we've seen that multiple Catalogs can be set up as a way of segregating different types of request, so you can have one for IT procurement, one for Facilities, etc. This is all fine and dand...
    Adam Domanski
    created by Adam Domanski
  • Calculate the “End Date” from the “Start Date” and “Duration entry

    Looking to implement this on our Change Form, is there a way to automatically calculate the “End Date” from the “Start Date” and “Duration entry?
    Rachelle Sanon
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  • Inbound Actions: setDisplayValue..?

    Hi, Im new in here and i started to discover service-now in january this year. Im not sure is this right topic? Can someone say why this simple script does not work? So when service-now receive an email inbound acti...
    last modified by samik75
  • SLA being attached to old tickets.

    I have created a new SLA on my incident table, and i want that SLA to be attached only to the newly created tickets. But currently it is getting attached to the old tickets as well once we update the old tickets. &nb...
    Pratul Agarwal
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  • Problem with variable based workflow and generate tasks stage

    Hi,   We have a fairly simple requirement. on some requested items, there is a variable for whether an approval is required or not. it is a simple Yes/No variable.   In those requests, the first catalog ta...
    Raul Ron
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  • Measuring Customer Impact of an Incident

    We have basically two types of incidents. First, through proactive measure an monitoring tools we detected an issue and resolved it before the customer has noticed. The second type of incident is reported by the custo...
    Robert Martire
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  • Record Producers - pretty

    I am working on a record producers and I am hiding showing labels and variables as needed. I have a variable which asks the user a question about escalation "do you want to escalate to...... ?" the options are Yes/...
    Julian Poyntz
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  • How to add hyperlinks to images on ESS pages

    Hi all,   Does anyone know how we could add a hyperlink to images on ESS pages? Hi support have raised an enhancement request but keen to know if anyone is doing this as seems like a simple thing but apparen...
    last modified by dasi
  • Autopopulate Requested For Checkout Page

    Hi   Is there a way to autopopulate the "REQUESTED FOR" field found on the checkout page based on a variable set on a order guide? I'm looking for a solution that preferably does not customize the UI Macro servi...
    Dynafrom Wang
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  • Display workflow catalog variable in TASK Form

    Hello,   I am using a workflow to create tasks from a Service Catalog. I have created a catalog variable, supplier, by the type Reference. Now I want to display the value in the TASK field “Assignment Gro...
    Eva Høpfner
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  • VIP User Popup

    We are a relatively new user of ServiceNow which has recently gone live as part of our managed services contract and a function that I have been asked to look into is to have a java popup triggered from the user ID fi...
    Ben Scott
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  • Duplicate Users in LDAP

    We've been having this issue for some time and I haven't been able to get round to checking until this week. The problem is we have multiple user records being created from our LDAP import.   For example see bel...
    Angus MacQueen
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  • Integration through FTP over SSH

    For one of our integration, we need to retrieve a file from an FTP over SSH server. So, i created a data source in our SNOW instance containing the connection parameters. When i test it, i receive the following error ...
    last modified by march
  • Is anyone using Coaching Loops?

    I'm recommending that my company turn on Coaching Loops for our service desk agents and would like some details from people already using this feature to bolster my request. I would appreciate any feedback (good, bad ...
    Stephanie Lindorff
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  • how to hide assignment group from appearing in the incident

    How to hide particular assignment group appearing in the incidents but not hidden in service catalogue task or request task.   Thanks, Hema
    Hema Damodaran
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