• Toggle Tabs based on form/table

    I am trying to have the tabs(related lists tabs) ON on the project / task forms and OFF on the incident form. I found the function "tabs2Toggle()" which turns the tabs on and off however am having trouble controlling ...
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  • SDLC and Portfolio interaction

    Hi, relatively new user. How would we go about tying SDLC/SCRUM projects into the larger framework of Porfolio management and Resource management?  Right now it seems like SDLC exists in a vacuum apart from the o...
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  • List of record counts in each table?

    Is there somewhere I can see a list of all the tables in ServiceNow and how many records each has?
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  • Reporting on time-in-state

    Does anyone have a way to report on how long an Incident was in a state?
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  • Configuration Item tie in w/ Outlook/Exchange

    Does any one know of a way that we can tie in configuration item's to Outlook/Exchange?   My situation:   Often we receive incidents for issues in conference rooms (phone is down, bulb needs to be replaced...
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  • Regular Instance Maintenance?

    I'm looking for some common maintenance items people do with their ServiceNow instances. Currently we check for duplicate users, orphaned child Incidents, etc. but are looking to see if other have maintenance items th...
    created by tlwmson1
  • Get specific Currency from Price field

    Hello SNC,   I need some advise:   In my Service Catalog I have items with multiple currencies for one item. Now I'm working on a UI page where the user selects a currency and then the queried SC items sh...
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  • Has anyone been able to successfully create task from the incident form?  I would greatly appreciate any assistance on how to accomplish this.

    We are currently using the 'create a problem', 'create a defect' etc... from the incident form but I don't see where there is an UI action for 'create a task'.
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  • Database View - Can it be Done?

    Hello Everyone,   I am trying to make a Database View that combines the sc_reg_item and the incident Tables. My end goal is to have a Table called Ticket History for looking up individual customers.  I kno...
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  • Service Catalog Icons

    I need to get various icons for my SC, pics of things like a desktop, laptop, question mark, projectors, scanners, etc. Some nice little icons would be handy, just wondered if anyone had any resources they used for t...
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  • Incident reminder

    Hello,   I need a reminder for Incidents. If Inactivity is more than 3 days I want to send an email to the assignee, if more than 4 days I want to send and email to the manager.   I've tried to trigger an ...
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  • Wsdl problem again

    Hi, I'm trying to consume Service-now web services (from demo server) via Java programming language with Axis2 soap framework as described in Web Services tutorial (attempt with jax-ws framework failed, there are some...
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  • Having issue associating SCCM info to a user

    We are using SCCM (integration 3.0) to feed into Service Now. SN is pulling in the data from SCCM correctly but we are having an issue associating the ci's to a user. SCCM is pulling in the users attached to a ci as d...
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  • Using the Edge in IE 10

    Hello - we are unable to drag breadcrumbs to the Edge using Internet Explorer 10.0.  However, we are able to do this using Firefox and Chrome, but these are not our corporate standards so we can't promote using t...
  • How can I relate multiple changes to a Release V2 record?

    I am in the process of implementing the Release V2 module and I need to be able to relate number of change records to a release.  In the previous release that link was there but in the new module it appears it ca...
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  • ADFS vs Direct LDAPS

    We are currently configured to use direct LDAPS integration with Service-Now linked to our active directory. We are looking at moving to AD LDS/ADFS model.   What do we give up by moving this direction?   ...
    last modified by rpiekarski@sw.org
  • stats.do

    Hello! I have a question related to stats.do. Is it possible to disable "stats.do" for ESS user? If so, what are the steps to do that? I couldn't find something in the wiki of ServiceNow. The one and only who is a...
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  • Risk Assessment not updating Change Request Risk field value

    Hello, I've activated the Risk Assessment plugin and setup the Assessment Conditions, Assessments Thresholds, Assessment Questions and follow all the steps described in the ServiceNow Wiki (Using Change Risk Assessme...
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  • Software Asset Management - Oracle Licenses

    I have been searching and playing for a while about best practices on how to add our Oracle Contracts and Licenses into Service-Now.  We are just starting our journey with SAM and looking for any help or best pra...
    created by Dmatasek
  • workflow changes can not applicable to old record

    Hi Team,   I am facing difficulties in production. there was problem in workflow activity and corrected that issue.The question is whatever changes done in WF activity is not replicating in old record. we have c...
    created by muna_community