• Help modifying the "Incident Create Knowledge" Business Rule

    We would like to copy the Description, close_notes and work_notes from the Incident to the Knowledge Base Description, when a Knowledge Base document is created from an Incident. var sub = gs.getProperty('glide.know...
    Andrea Hicks
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  • The spell check is having difficulty with "ndash"

    Hi there,   I've noticed the TinyMCE HTML editor's spell check is not functioning in some quick messages/email templates where "–" appears as a special character/code. Also if the long dash, as I call ...
    Meghan x
    created by Meghan x
  • How can I simply make a report active=false?Means how can I disable a report?

    How can I simply make a report active=false?Means how can I disable a report?
    Kirtiman Banerjee
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  • Right-Click on Approvals tab

    Hi,   Can we remove the option to Reject the KM Articles on Right-Click under the Approvals tab. Attached the screenshot.   Thanks, Vamsee.
    vamsee krishna
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  • Show Topics and Categories on kb_home page

      One of our clients has requested that when viewing the knowledge base home page both topics and categories are displayed instead of just topics.  I have not found any easy way to do this.  I'm thinkin...
    Joseph Shashack
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  • Licensed users in Eureka

    Does anyone know how to access SeviceNow licensed users in Eureka?
    Kevin Pitt
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  • Dynamic Reference Qualifier for KB articles

    I've customized the KB article form to include a "Parent KB Article" reference field.  I am trying to build a reference qualifier that will exclude the current article when choosing an available KB article. ...
    Nathan Unsworth
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  • Add custom content to KB View

    Disclaimer:  I am completely new to scripting in Jelly.   I've created a custom reference field on the KB article form that references another KB article, the purpose being to link KB articles in a Parent/c...
    Nathan Unsworth
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  • PreView business Card Order

    Hi There,   Has anyone created a Request Item, where the User keys in details or a business Card, and then is able to get a preview of how it will look when printed?   I have a need for such a solution, b...
  • InfoPath Forms - ESS Portal

    Hi All,   I have around 80 InfoPath forms that i need to convert to ServiceNow forms along with a workflow for each one.   Whilst i'm converting these one by one, i would still like them to be accessible f...
    Alex Robertson
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  • New Dynamic Filter for 6 months from current date/time

    I am trying to add a new dynamic filter that will set a date/time field value to 6 months from the current date/time.  When creating the filter, I have specific this script:  "var d = gs.nowDateTime(); gs.ge...
    Nathan Unsworth
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  • Hide Text Field On Kb_knowledge Form

    Hi All,   I have a requirement that only users with role in the roles field on knowledge form or with knowledge_admin can view text field on the form post publish. I wrote the below ACL but somehow it is not wo...
    Ayush Saxena
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  • Redirect to new tab/Window

    Hi,   I am trying to redirect to new page when clicked on the "Search Duplicates" button on the Knowledge form. Below is the code that I have used to redirect     gs.setRedirect("kb_find.do?sysparm_se...
    vamsee krishna
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  • Group members dont get email - why ?

    Can somebody help please ?     I have new field on KB form - this is a type list, so you can select groups. Groups are on new table called u_group_kb This new table called u_group_kb  I have done rel...
    Petr Pastuszek
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  • Want to tweak your search relevancy in Knowledge?

    This week I put together a blog about tweaking search relevancy in Knowledge on the Knowledge Management SIG. Each organization may want to change their search relevancy at at the field level to suit their customers a...
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  • Managed Documents in Knowledge Base - how can I add to an Incident?

    We want to upload Recovery Procedures to KB using Managed Documents, but it doesn't appear to give the same options as a regular KB article. The process we need to follow is to have all our Batch Recovery Procedures i...
    Mickey Cegon
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  • Knowledge Resources

    We were looking into possibly purchasing a 3rd party general Knowledge Base and uploading into Servicenow and were curious if anyone else had success in doing so.  If you did what company did you use? Thanks agai...
    Alexander Planic
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  • Prevent ESS knowledge search opening in new tab

    Hello all, could anyone advise whether the results of a Knowledge search can be displayed in the existing window or a popup window rather than creating a new tab as it does on our instance of ESS? I've looked at all...
    Keiron Convery
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  • Are there any samples/examples out there in demo site?

    Are there any samples/examples available on any of the demo sites on the concepts like script includes, client scripts, work flows etc.,? Usually when you install any software like JDK, you come up with examples. I ...
    last modified by Sreedhar
  • Possible to create Scheduled Task?

    We have a requirement for a TASK to be created, yet not appear in the Service Desk queue until a certain date.   Or, the ability to create a TASK, and then place it "on hold" or make it "hidden" until a certain ...
    last modified by ryan86