• Navigating the Knowledge14 Community Space

    This year, the community team wanted to put together something special for our members and our attendees. I've gone over how to follow spaces and how to adjust your email settings, now I am going to walk you through e...
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  • Eight regions. Eight tastings. One night only. You should plan on it.

    You’re heading to Knowledge14. You’re going to interact and exchange ‘knowledge’ with people in your industry and your role. You’re going to learn a lot. And that’s….great. J...
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  • If you can imagine it. You can create it.

    An important message to everyone from developers eager for a challenge to those who have never developed an application in their life and want to give it a try: Join us at the createnow Hackathon! When: Tues, April 29...
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  • Join Your Special Interest Group (SIG) at Knowledge14

    This year, we have several events at Knowledge14 that are dedicated to special interests. Join others in your industry and role to learn more about the impact of successfully automating and managing service relationsh...
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  • New on HI: Application Navigator, The EDGE and more

    The HI user interface has changed! With our latest update, we have added a few new things to HI that will make navigating the HI portal easier and more efficient. A few icons have received a facelift, some fields have...
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  • Piecing together Update Set puzzles

    Because update sets can be highly customized, the issues that can come up during the process can be complex and varied as well. Sometimes there are inconsistencies in update sets. Or the update set has completed, but ...
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  • Find the unique list of IP addresses found by Discovery

    From speaking to Doug Schulze recently, I realized that sometimes people want to see a list of unique IP addresses that Discovery has found in their environment. Unfortunately the way the IP address table (cmdb_ci_ip_...
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  • Use PowerShell to unblock all files in the MID server agent folder

    Suppose you downloaded the MID server zip file on a Windows Server 2008 R2 or earlier that was running PowerShell version 2(aka, NOT version 3 or 4). Now I would never make this mistake, but suppose you forgot to righ...
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  • System Administration Class in Orlando, FL - March 19-21

    Hi Team, We have 2 weeks to get at least 6 more folks into this class. I know you have users that want training, so send them here!!!! They can register through HI or by sending an email to training@servicenow.com. ...
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  • It’s A Custom App World After All

    ServiceNow’s annual global customer event, Knowledge14, is fast approaching and we’re seeing some great numbers.   We’ve previously announced that Knowledge will include 6000 attendees, 100 lab...
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  • ServiceNow Content Management (CMS) Demo

    Content management (CMS) allows you to give your ServiceNow instance a user-friendly interface that matches your company's branding.   This video introduces the Content Management application with some examples o...
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  • NEW VIDEO: Knowledge Management Quick Wins Webinar

    Here it is, the excellent presentation by Jason Haugh of OSU Medical on ways to really jump-start your knowledge process. Beyond setting up the tool, Jason gets into how to enroll people in the process and really make...
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  • Performance Analytics: Why daily trending beats monthly reporting

    “How come we are not aware of this? Are these our own data?”   I am in a meeting with one of the executives of a global Finance and Insurance enterprise. I just showed him – and his team ̵...
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  • The New Age Of Service Is Now – But Are Your People Ready?

    If you’re heading to Knowledge14, then make sure you’re prepared for the opening keynote, by ServiceNow President and CEO Frank Slootman, entitled “Defining the Service-Oriented Enterprise.” &n...
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  • Planning ahead for Knowledge14: A Customer Guest Blog

    We are very fortunate to have a customer guest blogging today!   Steve Emerson is an IT professional who has always had a passion for ensuring the best possible experience for the customer. This passion natural...
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  • Video: Come Join Us at ServiceNow Santa Clara

    At ServiceNow in Santa Clara, we're a culture of drivers, where we work hard and enjoy working it out. Wonder what it's like to work here? Watch this new video to see what we're all about in Silicon Valley; then visit...
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  • Video: Come Join Us at ServiceNow San Diego

    People think, just because we're in San Diego, that we're all a bunch of beach bums! But at ServiceNow San Diego, we're changing the way people look at IT. Wonder what it's like to work here? Watch this new video; the...
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  • TechNow - Condition Fields

    Save time and effort by using condition fields on your forms effectively. Chuck and Andrew will show you options available to manage data instead of hard coding conditions in to your requirements and the use cases for...
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  • Build your Knowledge14 Agenda Today!

    You already know that Knowledge14 is the largest gathering of IT professionals using cloud services for enterprise IT service automation. It is also the best place to exchange knowledge with ServiceNow customers, part...
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  • Road to Asset Knowledge

    The more I work with customers and teach our Asset Management course, the more I come across useful little tidbits related to asset management that I believe many organizations can use. Because most of these tasks nee...
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