Job Board FAQ

Version 1

    Who can post job opportunities on the Job Board?


    Anyone who is a registered community member.


    How often can I post the same job?


    Please only post a job one time on the community.  We also ask you only post jobs within the Job Community.  Please do not post them in other communities or user groups.


    Does the job posting need to be for a specific position?


    Yes, any vague postings for recruiting purposes are not allowed


    Can I post links to other job board sites?


    No, links to other job board sites is not allowed.


    How long will my posting be on the site?


    60 days


    Does my job opportunity need to be for a ServiceNow position?


    Yes, all jobs posted must be for a ServiceNow role.


    Can ServiceNow remove my job listing?


    Yes, we reserve the right to remove any job posting.


    How can I remove a job posting?


    Please email

    Dan Bruhn
    Community Director, ServiceNow