ServiceNow Champion Enablement FAQ

Version 4

    What Is ServiceNow Champion Enablement(tm)?

    Champion Enablement is a self-service program that provides all ServiceNow customers with guides, recommendations and templates to help them:

    • Accelerate Go-live communication & adoption
    • Build a strategic program utilizing a proven framework
    • Introduce your ServiceNow program to your enterprise


    The Champion Enablement Program is free and available to all customers, partners and ServiceNow employees.



    The Champion Center provides customer champions with the following benefits:

    • Over 80 guides and templates provided by ServiceNow to help execute on communicating, managing and introducing your ServiceNow program to the enterprise
      • Don’t start with a blank screen
      • Access to ServiceNow customer champion examples of what worked for them
      • Collaboration, share success, and ask questions with other ServiceNow customer champions


    Who Is A Champion?

    A Champion is an employee within a customer that is invested in the success of the ServiceNow program.  Being a Champion is not tied to a specific role but rather a desire to assist with ensuring a successful ServiceNow program for their company.


    To have successful championship the following roles are typically engaged and partnered:

    Executive Sponsors

    • Drives the strategic vision & maps to business initiatives to drive business value. Empowers the Platform Owner & team to ensure the proper roles and responsibilities to drive the desired outcomes.

    Platform Owner

    • Manages the platform as a program or service that is provided to the business. Partners with the Executive Sponsor & Service Owners to ensure that the ServiceNow program is providing the expected outcomes.
    • Platform Support Team:  Roles that are responsible for the ServiceNow platform and interaction with the platform customers.  Typical roles include (but not limited to): Business Relationship Managers/Analysts, Technical & Process Architects, System Admins/Developers, Change Agents (Communications & Training), and QA/Testing.

    Service Owners (IT or Business)

    • Their Service is implemented on the platform and is integrated into the overall program team. Desire to be an internal reference and partner to the ServiceNow program.


    Who Can Access The Champion Enablement Center?

    Any employee of a ServiceNow customer or ServiceNow partner can access the Champion Enablement Center.  There is no restriction based on role or number of employees who are granted access.


    The following is required to access the center:

    • ServiceNow Customer, Partner or Employee
    • ServiceNow Community Registered Member using your work email address
    • Required to be logged in

    Access the Champion Center here:


    I Got An Error, Now What?

    If you get an error while accessing don’t panic.

    • Ensure you are logged in
    • If you are logged in, match the criteria above and still receive an error send an email to
      • Include the email address registered to your user name
      • Include the name of the company you work for
      • If you fit the requirements of being a current ServiceNow customer or partner then we will grant you access


    Additional Questions:

    1. Is there a restriction to how many contacts within an account can have access?

         There are no restrictions to the number of contacts within an account that can have access.

    2.  Does it matter if I’m using ServiceNow Professional Services, a partner or working on our own?

         Regardless of whether you have contracted with a services organization or are now running projects on your own, you have access to the Champion Center and all materials.

    3. Are we required to have a certain type of license?

         The Champion Center is open to all customers regardless of size or products licensed.

    4. Is there value to the materials if we already have a communications & training department responsible for these activities?

         Yes!  Customers with dedicated communications & training departments have utilized materials in a few ways:

    • Provide appropriate messaging and additional ideas to ensure adoption
    • Ensure that the current plans cover the recommendations from ServiceNow
    • Understanding the role that the Executive Sponsor, Platform Owner & team, and Service Owners play in successful execution of communications and training
    • Materials also include a focus on Program Management & Introducing your success to the enterprise



    Questions regarding the program or materials contact your account team or email us at:

    Champion Enablement Team
    Please "like" or mark as "helpful". We also welcome comments and examples of how you have used the template