Advocate Program Overview and Benefits

Version 4

    How do I become an official Advocate?


    Upon registering for the Advocate Program members will have a period of one year to accrue 750 Advocate Program opportunity points. When members achieve 750 points official ServiceNow Advocate status will be awarded.


    How long does the official Advocate status last?


    Advocate status will last one year.   Members must qualify each year to retain their status and benefits. To maintain Advocate status and benefits members will need to complete advocate opportunities totaling 750 points by each anniversary date of the advocate badge being awarded.


    Who is eligible?


    Any ServiceNow enthusiast that is passionate about ServiceNow products and wants to share their success with the ServiceNow ecosystem.  ServiceNow employees are not eligible to participate.  We reserve the right to revoke ServiceNow Advocate status for an individual.


    What are the Advocate opportunities that are available?


    We highly encourage Advocate to participate in a variety of different opportunities.


    • Engage with us on Social Media (5 points)
    • Review ServiceNow Products (15 points)
    • Provide a Quote or Testimonial (25 points)
    • Write a Blog Post (50 points)
    • Become a SNUG Leader (200 points)
    • Participate in Speaking Opportunities (200 points)
    • Become an MVP on the ServiceNow Community (200 points)


    What are the benefits of being a ServiceNow Advocate?


    As an Advocate, you will be recognized for contributions made to ServiceNow based on product knowledge, technical expertise, or industry experience.


    • Official Advocate badge that can be shared within your social network
    • Build your reputation as a ServiceNow expert
    • Showcase and share your knowledge of ServiceNow
    • Gain visibility and be seen as an expert among your peers
    • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals
    • Provide feedback and ideas to help build and continually improve ServiceNow products
    • Access to product teams, privileged information, and participation in exclusive events


    Who can I contact if I have more questions about the ServiceNow Advocate Program?

    If you have any questions or comments regarding the ServiceNow Advocates Program, please contact