Video: Managing Article-Level Access Controls During Migration from KM v2 to v3

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    This week's video explains why the knowledge base search may produce unexpected results after upgrading a ServiceNow instance from knowledge management version 2 to 3. It also presents options for handling article-level access controls, including roles and customized ACL rules, during migration.


    This video applies to instances that upgraded from KM v2, in Eureka, to KM v3, in Fuji patch 10 or higher. It does not apply to instances that started out on Fuji or a later release. The roles required to perform the actions shown in this video are admin and security_admin.


    For best video quality, increase your player resolution to 1080p.



    This video covers:

    0:37 What happens to KM v2 article-level access controls upon upgrade

    5:02 How unmigrated v2 access controls affect search and other functions

    7:36 Handling article-level roles

    8:50 Options for handling customized ACL rules

    10:45 Converting customized ACL rules to user criteria

    11:35 Converting customized ACL rules to business rules


    For more information on managing article-level access controls during migration from KM v2 to v3, see:

    ServiceNow product documentation: Migrating to Knowledge Management v3

    ServiceNow knowledge base: Understanding User Criteria and ACLs in Knowledge v3

    ServiceNow knowledge base: Migrating knowledge base article content with a script

    PRB632565: Knowledge v3 search results do not obey ACLs

    ServiceNow Community: Knowledge Management

    ServiceNow TechBytes Podcast


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