Helsinki Upgrade Thread for PPM

Version 35

    Helsinki Upgrade Thread for PPM


    I will keep this thread updated with information related to PPM in Helsinki (which I will refer to as ‘H’ throughout this). Please feel free to add comments to give a ‘heads up’ to other customers or feedback.


    PPM Release Notes are available here.


    Some things to look out for:

    • General:
      • For those of you who experienced slowness with forms loading because of many related lists or many records in the related list, a new feature with H is that in UI16 and UI15, you can improve form response times by configuring related lists to load manually, on demand, or automatically, after the rest of the form loads. See documentation here.
      • The Portfolio Planning field in the Portfolio form is hidden by default. Configure the form layout for it to appear.
      • When you convert a Demand to a Project, the following moves: Cost Plans, Resource Plans, Requirements/Decisions, Open Risks (ones not in 'Achieved' state), and budget keys if Demand is part of a Budget plan.
      • 'SDLC' has been renamed to 'Agile Development'.
      • You can now customize project/project task states without getting hit with all the tentacles. 
      • New roles:
        • Portfolio Manager(portfolio_manager): Base role for portfolio managers. Can create, read, update or delete portfolio. Contains resource_user, project_portfolio_user, budget_owner roles.
        • Program Manager(program_manager): Base roles for program managers. Can create, read, update or delete program. Contains resource_user role.
          • Don't forget that users need this role to see the 'Edit' button for the Projects related list on the Releases form so that projects can be added to Releases.
        • IT Portfolio Manager: Contains portfolio_manager role. Has CRUD access on base portfolio table(pm_portfolio).
        • IT Program Manager: Contains program_manager role. Has CRUD access on base program table(pm_program).
      • Role changes:
        • Teamspace specific program and portfolio manager roles have been added.

        • Resource Manager role has been removed from project manager. Project manager now only has resource user role.

      • Data Model Changes: top_portfolio column added to planned_task, risk, issue tables. top_program column added to planned_task, risk, issue tables. top_task, program, portfolio column added to resource_plan.
      • Schedule job PPS_Helsinki_Upgrade: Populates top_portfolio in Project, Populates top_portfolio in risk and issues of project, Populates top_portfolio in risk and issues of demand, Populates top_task, portfolio in resource_plan.
      • Take note: To edit a Cost Type you need the 'financial_mgmt_admin' role.
    • Portfolio Workbench:
      • If there are Demands missing from the Workbench, check to see if dates have been entered in the Demand and see if the Demand has already been converted to a Project.
      • Only key milestones (not all milestones) are laid over the timeline in GANTT view .
      • If you want to view Demands/Projects/Programs in a different color on the Workbench, use the cog wheel to configure color (do this when you click on 'Workbench' on the landing page - where you see the portfolios).
      • Who can view: Users with role it_portfolio_manager. We check if you have read access on pm_portfolio table.
      • To do financial planning on Portfolio Workbench, need role it_portfolio_manager. We check if you have CRUD access on pm_portfolio table.
      • If missing Financial Planning toggle, make sure you have CRUD on pm_portfolio table.
      • Make sure you have defined fiscal periods set. See instructions here Generate a fiscal calendar Select fiscal period and set targets. If this is not defined, you may receive a ""Something wrong on client side. Contact System Administrator" message.
    • Project Portfolio Suite with Financials:
      • See this excellent overview of Combining PPM and Financial Capability to Provide a suite for Service Strategy . This plugin has a dependency on Financial Management so that plugin will also be enabled.
      • Changing date of project will not change dates in Cost Plans or Project Funding. Changing project date may make budget stats show a wrong number.
      • Only Cost Plans whose cost type has a GL account mapped will be converted to budget items (use Cost Type Definitions Module to determine).
      • For 'Actual Cost' functionality:
        • An expense line has to be processed to be considered for Actual Cost.
        • Actual Cost is recorded against the date the expense line was created, not the date when the expense line was processed.
        • Only approved time cards are considered.
    • Program Management:
      • Some date logic: If a project is part of the program, you cannot set project start date to be before program start date. If program contains projects/demands, it cannot start after the earliest start date of the projects/demands under it. Program planned end date always changes based on it’s children (demand/project/program task) end dates. Program planned end date will be the max end date of it’s children. Program actual start date will be the earliest actual start date of it’s children.
      • Program Workbench requires role it_program_manager. We check if you have read access on pm_program table.
    • Agile Phase:
      • PM's can use 'Assignment Group' to work on Project Agile phase. Won't have to define Agile teams specifically to assign them to Agile phases. Can leverage existing Assignment Group. A new type 'Agile Team' has been defined and all Assignment Groups of the type 'Agile Team' can be associated to an Agile phase of a Project. You can convert teams to groups by going to Project > Agile > Groups and selecting the UI action 'Convert Teams to Groups'.
    • Demand:
      • Demand State of 'Qualified' now has a value of -4 (was value of 4). There is a fix script Update demand qualified state to -4 (e8c37f729f2202000ad25c96132e7014) that runs during demand plugin upgrade to Helsinki. You can refer to business rule Task Active State Management that makes the task inactive when the state value is set to 4. Refer to this discussion thread.
    • Planning Console:
      • If the Gantt chart does not load task timeline for project tasks and does not show planned start date and end date correctly, make sure you have the system time zone properly set.



    Some known bugs worth highlighting: Not every Helsinki PPM PRB will be listed here.  Note that ‘high impact’ bugs for the Helsinki upgrade are posted here.

    • The Idea table introduced through the Demand Management plugin does not save GlideList field values upon insert of a record through the UI. Please note that GlideList field values are saved correctly when doing an update to an Idea record, as well as inserting a new Idea record through a GlideRecord. PRB659820.
    • Currency symbol missing when currency field is made read only by a UI Policy. PRB640642. Found in Helsinki Patch 7 & 8 - fixed in Istanbul. As a temporary workaround, you could create a business rule which alerts the user the currency that the field is in.
    • The role tsp1_demand_manager contains role demand_manager, causing a security issue for user of team spaces. PRB670592. Found in Helsinki Patch 7 & 8.
    • Business rule condition checking for changes to a date/time field incorrectly evaluates to true. PRB714717. Found in Helsinki Patch 3a & 9a.
    • Project:
      • Incorrect lag time after import: If a project created in Microsoft Project 2013 with multiple tasks and relationships is imported into the Project Management application, an incorrect lag value may be inserted. PRB635702. Fixed in Patch 1.
      • Unable to import a MS project. No errors displayed, just keeps processing. PRB669159. Helsinki Patch 7-9.
      • Cannot Import Projects when upgrading to Helsinki with PMv3 already activated but not having the "Project Portfolio Suite with Financials" plugin activated. PRB690320
      • Latency: Updating/creating/linking a project task within a project and/or parent project task can result in latency issues when the project has many tasks in its hierarchy. PRB673178  Fixed in Helsinki Patch 1 & 2.
      • A "24x7" schedule for projects result in unexpected planned duration and planned end date behavior. PRB668519 Fixed in Helsinki Patch 1 & 2.
      • The planned_task sub_tree_root field is being set to top_task and not the expected subproject. PRB676527 Found in Helsinki Patch 1 & 2.
      • 'Insert New Row' takes a long time to load when using Chrome on Windows 10. Using IE will alleviate this.
      • When changing Planned start date and Planned end date of an existing Project or Project Task record, the Planned end date and Duration value changes to a different value after saving the form. PRB701769
      • Projects with > 5000 Project Task records impacts the ability to edit project tasks via the Planning Console. PRB702989 . A fix will be available in Helsinki Patch 1 Hotfix 2.
      • Importing Microsoft Project (MSP) 2013 projects does not display sub-tasks in planning console. PRB712943
      • Clicking on the "Document" button in the Gantt chart redirects to an invalid URL (for Project Portfolio Suite with Financials). Helsinki Patch 3. PRB712967
      • If Phase Type column is not there in project task form it hides the related list Project Task. PRB706638
      • Planning Console not honoring ACL for editing. PRB711478
      • Zero Planned Duration and Zero Actual Duration project tasks leads to an indefinite while loop. PRB688159. Found in Helsinki Patch 3 HF2 onward.
      • Export to MS Project does not always work and results in a 0-byte XML file. PRB670348. Fixed in Helsinki Patch 5 onward.
      • Copy Partial Project does not copy assignment group , assigned to values. PRB671592. Found in Helsinki Patch 3 HF2 onward.
      • Selecting 'Project workbench' context menu from the project list view does not display anything. PRB673037. Found in Helsinki Patch 3 HF2 onward.
      • Cannot Close Complete project task with manual calculation due to a modified actual start date. PRB697330. Found in Helsinki Patch 7 & 8.
      • PPM import gets stuck if no Project Name is specified during import. PRB676462 (similar to PRB669159). Found in Helsinki Patch 9a.
      • When a project record (with project tasks) is closed from the project record, no 'actual end date' or 'actual duration' is set. PRB717195. Found in Helsinki Patch 9a. Fixed in Istanbul patch 3a onward.
    • Demand:
      • From demand workbench, right-clicking on a bubble and selecting 'Create Project' shows an error message "undefined undefined has been created". PRB689017
    • SDLC:
      • When an end user creates a team from a related release record form (access the  rm_release_scrum table, in scrum view). The  team record created is not visible in the sdlc_sprint_burndown_frame UI Page. PRB690494
      • When a parent story has Assigned To set to a user, Assigned To does not get saved for a Scrum task. PRB683957. Found in H Patch 3 HF2 onward.
      • Reporting filtering criteria showing incorrect Choices list for condition 'State' against 'Release [rm_release]' table. PRB630130. Found in Helsinki Patch 7 & 8.
      • rm_scrum_task record creates duplicate work notes in activity stream when changing states. PRB741219. Workaround is available. Found in all versions through Istanbul.
    • Portfolio:
      • Portfolio Status widget and Portfolio Status list view render % complete in different color. PRB706411
      • When a user with all of the Project and Portfolio related roles (including it_program_manager and it_portfolio_manager) clicks on the Portfolio Workbench or Program Workbench modules, they get an 'Access Denied' error. PRB710680. Found in H Patch 3 HF2 onward. Fixed in H Patch 5.

      • If you get a ""Something wrong on client side. Contact System Administrator" message, make sure you have defined fiscal periods. See instructions here Generate a fiscal calendar Select fiscal period and set targets.
    • If a user opens a specific Portfolio or Program record and use the Workbench related link from the form, the Workbench loads without the 'Access Denied' error.

    • Resource Management:
      • Installing Project Management v3 plugin does not include Resource Timeline. PRB602539
      • "RP" is not defined exception is observed when trying to open resource workbench, Javascript EvaluatorException is observed when trying to generate availability report for users with 24X7 schedule. PRB674425
      • List V3 is failing/not loading for sys_user when Resource Management plugin activated. PRB715518
    • Time:
      • If user tries to enter a record on the Time Card [time_card] table from the list view, the User field is not getting populated. Helsinki Patch 4/3. PRB712990
    • Creating a new Expense Line record outside of the Cost Plan Fiscal Start and End Period Creates a New Cost Plan Breakdown without updating the Cost Plan's Fiscal Start or End Period or throwing any errors. PRB733522
    • Dashboards: In the Project application, the reports available on portfolio manager dashboard, program and project manager dashboard display values tripled to that of actual values in the system. PRB828824. Appears in Helsinki Patch 7,8,9.
    • Expenses: Bug in the PPMFundManager script include that makes some postings count double. Due to the way that the query is constructed if you add an expense line on March 31st it will count in both March and in April, meaning the the cost will be allocated twice on the Cost Plan Breakdown. PRB720499. To be fixed in H patch 10.




    This document was generated from the following discussion: Helsinki Upgrade Thread for PPM

    Kelly Kaufmann,
    ServiceNow PPM/PPS Specialist