ITSM Customer Lifecycle Plan:  Valuable Resources for New and Existing Customers

Version 8

    Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer, you want to realize value as quickly and effectively as possible with the ServiceNow platform.  Trying to manage your incidents or wanting to give your end users a simple and easy way to request services or trying to get a handle on your overall software and hardware inventory:  these are just a few things you may be focusing on.


    This lifecycle guide is organized by the typical phases you'll go through as a customer of ServiceNow.  First, you'll plan, then implement, then use and adopt applications, and then upgrade and renew. Step through the lifecycle in order or pick and choose depending on where you are and what you need to accomplish. Come back often to see what additional information will bring you the most value.


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    New Customer
    Existing Customers


    1. ServiceNow Foundations Course
    2. System Administration Training
    3. Champion Enablement Get Started:  Program Management
    4. Champion Enablement Go Live Communication and Training Guide
    5. ITSM Process Guides


    Implement ServiceNow

    1. Implementation Bootcamp
    2. For Express: Implementation Webinar
    3. Implementation Best Practices
    4. Enterprise Getting started videos
    5. ServiceNow Express Product Start Here videos
    6. Customer Success Stories
    7. Guided SetUp

    Use additional ServiceNow applications

    1. ITSM Value Realization Webinars:  Application Webinars
    2. Application Communities (learn from your peers)
    3. Adoption path (coming soon)
    4. Learning Library
    5. Product Documentation
    6. Other Training and Resources
    7. ITSM Measurement Framework  (webinar by Pink Elephant VP of R&D)
    8. ServiceNow User Groups: SNUGs
    9. Knowledge Conference



    Upgrade and grow your use of ServiceNow

    1. Adoption path (coming soon)
    2. Family End-of-Life (EOL) Upgrade Guide
    3. Prepare for an Upgrade
    4. Upgrade Testing
    5. Early Access
    6. Learning Library
    7. ServiceNow Development Path